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I swear I love my people. I really do, but we as a human race are some of the most backwards ass thinkers.

Now for this particular topic, I think we can differentiate between races. So speaking solely about black ppl:

Why won’t we kiss someone we’re dealing with?

We can and will, get / give head from / to another person (speaking of random interaction – aka – non committed relationships)
We can and will, get down with and up in a person … some are even reckless enough to do so unprotected*

But we won’t kiss them or allow them to kiss us?

A friend of mines posed this question to me the other day in regards to her beau. She spoke of how she’s an avid fan of kissing, yet her man is not (he said he’s more of the “let’s just get into whatever we are about to get into” type of dude). He in fact is so much of a non-fan of kissing that it borders on a level of discomfort (feeling wise) when she kisses him. So what is a girl or guy to do in a situation like this?

Now in my opinion (please correct me if I’m wrong), kissing is viewed as the most intimate of acts. If you stop and think about this, it further shows how ass backwards our thinking is. What should be more intimate? Placing your lips on someone elses or penetrating/being penetrated by someone. DIGRESSION. So yeah, I totally get the thinking of not wanting to just kiss anyone. Again… ASS BACKWARDS but I get it. My question is, why not? Is there any other reason outside of an issue mentally? Do we think that if we kiss someone we are not in a relationship with, that we will send mix signals to that person that we want something more? That we ARE something more? And who came up with this BIZARRO-world way of thinking in the first place?

It takes only a second to give someone a peck, yet to engage in the act of a deep embrace and kiss someone, that involves a certain degree of emotion. And even a level of thinking to a degree. Is that it? Is random sex such a carnal act, that we basically isolate it in our own minds as just that? Just the animalistic part of our DNA making itself known… and our gesture of appeasing that? Or is it something else, something more?

When you think about kissing someone: your significant other, your FWB/CB/Jump-Off/insert your choice of label – what do you think? Why do or don’t you? How does it make you feel (when you are or aren’t kissed)? What does a kiss mean to you? What does it signify? Are you a fan of it or not?

And in regards to my girl where I got this topic from: what would be your advice to her?

What say you?

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  1. Likwid Post author

    Oh and I would PERSONALLY like to thank my girl Queen for giving props and sharing in the gr8ness and warm vibrations of yesteryear that was this song, “KISSING YOU” by Total.

    That is all… as you were.

  2. Dub

    I am late up in here so everyone probably has said what I am about to say. however kissing to me is something I couldn’t do without in a relationship.

    Its just that serious to me because it at times if you know what you are doing can be way more official than getting some.

    Some brothas while not all, I admit, but some think for some stupid ass reason that kissing is not what playa, pimp, whatever the hell child like mind want to call themselves should do. To each his own but to me you do a woman a dishonest service not sharing a kiss with her especially if you wanna call her your significant other, better half, woman, partner something signifying she is yours and you are hers and you can’t share a kiss with that woman? Just makes no sense but like I said got the feeling this has been said before in some fashion by everyone here.

    Great topic.

  3. Likwid Post author

    Dub said: Its just that serious to me because it at times if you know what you are doing can be way more official than getting some.

    P R E A C H !!! !! !

    And I think, don’t like speaking for people. But I think that is at least one reason, that those that are fans of kissing… are fans. Simply put…


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