What is Running Likwid Works ?

Running Likwid Works is an idea created some 10+ years ago, as a creative space for a creative mind. It’s a place where I can ramble & rant on any and everything I choose, at any given moment. My interests tend to run the gamut from sports, music and social commentary, to the most random bits of nonsense imaginable. I also dabble in relationship perspectives, not advice. So my views on all of these things plus anything I’m doing creatively, will be found here.

Creatively (freelance)

A lifelong love for writing, combined with my self-taught graphic design exploits and communications background, led me to the creation of Running Likwid Works Cre8ive Studio. The creative umbrella for all graphic design work, web content and personal writing I generate for myself and others– RLW Cre8ive Studio is one stop shopping for it all.
  • graphically – I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGNER, NOT A WEB DESIGNER. I specialize in logo and graphic design, for both electronic and print purposes
  • content – I have primarily served as a guest blogger on occasion, and enjoy doing so. However, I full on welcome the opportunity to do more work in providing content for companies marketing materials and their websites.


In short, I am a creative. And anyone who has dealt with one knows, that our brains just work differently. The way we see and hear things, are a constant catalyst to the next endeavor undertaken. And Running Likwid Works is my home base for it all.