P.ure L.ikwid of RLW

PL (P.ure L.ikwid), the man behind any and all things cre8ive which is birthed from under the Running Likwid Works umbrella, is a new age renaissance man, with a wide range of loves and interests alike; including writing poetry, music production, and graphic design. The epitome of an unclassifiable individual, he has been known to partake in and/or support anything that he views as fresh, promising, real, relatable or worthy of being shared with the masses.

A writer since age six, his cre8ive output started out with short stories and continued in that vein until his early high school years. It was then that he first met the woman that would be a constant in his life for quite some time to come… poetry. As time passed, poetry like music became necessities for him, as going more than a week without writing or a day without listening to music of some genre, would physically make him ill. It’s should come as no surprise, that he would eventually mesh the two and take up a newfound interest in songwriting.

In 2004, “Turn On the Faucet,” a book of poetry was created and sent out to a small publishing house for consideration of being published. Yet after being met with, a somewhat thinly veiled explanation as to why it was turned down, further attempts were shelved. Six years later, “Turn On the Faucet,” will be put out via online/web access later this year, by PL and Running Likwid Works. His reasoning, “there are simply too many other books sitting on the bench, behind this first batter.” Currently he is in the process of working on his first full-length novel, entitled “You Know Who I Am.” A literary adaptation of an online based tv show, that was written for a web-based group, 8th House, Inc.

Other projects and/or affiliations that PL has ties to are as follows: GRAPHIC DESIGN, a book of short-stories (title: TBD), a book of children’s poems (title: TBD) and a collaborative book of poems (title: “Unkempt Linen”). With too many affiliations to name, there are two business ventures, he is involved with currently. 11 Breaths (a songwriting team: with focuses on Pop, Rock, R&B and Soul) and one other, that can not be mentioned as of yet, due to legalities and trademarking.

It may seem like there is a LOT going on with him, however, he would view it as a necessary evil. Because an idle mind is one looking for trouble… and boredom is not an option. “He is I, and I am him” … and I have a thirst for positive ascension.

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