What’s Been Going On…

. . . hopefully nothing but good. Same’ole same over this way. Working the 9-5 to make that money to give to someone else. Y A W N !!! This will be a short blog. Just a quick site update. . .

Two of our newest sections here on RunningLikwidWorks have finally been updated. Be sure to check out the ::BRIEFCASE:: and ::the CORNER:: sections. Both celebrating their inaugural postings. So when you get some free time, be sure to check those out. Again:

:: the Briefcase :: – is where I put up mini-blogs of what I have going on project wise (writings, signature, avatar, flyer creation, etc.)… or anything else I’m currently working on creatively
:: the Corner :: – is where we spotlight talent (graphic designers, writers, musicians [non-famous, yet], etc.)


+ other goings on +

SUPER BOWL, SUPER BOWL, SUPER BOWL . . . stay tuned for my blog on history being made in Super Bowl XLI

Blog Action. For some interesting relationship type reading, check out Ladessa’s recent blog over on CandyAcidReign.com. From the comments I’ve read so far, it sounds like a lot of people have been through similar scenarios. Me, myself personally, I’d just smack my boy/girl in the mouth with a bag of paper clips and call it a day. Curious… go check out the blog and see why I would do that. ALSO, check out young Kay’s blog too. Maaan she change layouts more than a lush says, “lemme have another.” Ladies, you may be able to relate to it. Maybe u can drop her some advice or some support in some shape or fashion.

+ life on the HOME front +

– I’d like to wish a speedy recovery to my girl TJ bka ladyDUB. She was in a nasty car accident late last week, but escaped with no life-threatening (altering) injuries. Feel free to stop by her blog and send her best-wishes

– Young Master Boogie, was found to be fighting two days in a role last week. Of course, I don’t know why and they didn’t necessarily have the answer. For the most part, my son is not a bully. He only swings back when he’s bothered. AT THE SAME TIME, I’m not one of those parents that thinks their child is as pure as Angel Soft toilet paper is white. He’s aggressive and hasn’t grasped the idea of sharing yet. So who knows how or why it started, but he was said to have a good day after the fact. So that’s all I care about. That school (Calvary Christian Academy) is a great school. The administration leaves a lot to be desired though. Which is the major reason why I was a little leery of hearing about young sir’s news. But it’s a moooooooooooooooo point now.

– mrs. PL’s grandmother sent Boog a check the other day. Ain’t that bout something. I’m saying can I get a check just cause. I mean we’s family too right. LoL, nah but I mention it because she told the misses, “be sure u take Jai (that’s me) and get him his favorite bottle of likka”

YEAH MAAAN!!! Good looking grandma… ha ha ha ha ha! Oh yeah and by the way, u know I got that blue bottle.

– in the meantime, the misses got the good promotion and pay increase to match @ the occupational jump-off. Congrats baby! Let’s go half on a fresh pair of Timbs for ya’man. LOL!!! Jokes people… Jokes!

– aaah and before that man gets too old to be recognized as a baby. I had to provide a little shine for nephew (80Proof and Lady80’s young stunner), baby80 bka Young Shot Glass aka J-Arrah

Looking good nephew, looking good. Couldn’t have him looking at me like, dang unc… can I get some shine on the site. There u go young sir. LoL


+ … and now … +

As promised. . . the award / prize / gift for RunningLikwidWorks.com’s 400oth visitor:

(( click to enlarge ))

Congratulations to my girl “J” . . . thanks for helping to make RLW. . . . . . RLW


Up next on running likWID WORKS

+ the history being made in Super Bowl XLI

Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post (guess this ended up not being so short after all, my bad). I’ll get up again real soon.


Mr. RLW:: they call’em Young G.O G.ETTA

p.s. – ABRACADABRA HOMES!!! LOL! (finally saw Talladega Nights this weekend, OUT OF CONTROL, lol)

One thought on “What’s Been Going On…

  1. There’s so much to comment on, for one, I’m glad your friend didn’t get seriously injured by the car accident.

    two, lol..okay I couldn’t help but laugh about boog getting into two little fights already. I will say this just once, My mom always knew when the teachers were full of isht and when there was reason for concern, she always taught me to fight back if someone puts their hands on me, and for the most part she knew her kids characters enough to know when the teachers were basically out they damn mind! lol, and she basically had my back cause she knew how she was raising us.

    3. congrats to the misses! woot woot!!! lol.

    4. I don’t know nothin bout no super bowl.
    5. thanks for the love sir Jai, much much respect.

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