What’s Beef: YMCMB vs. GOOD Music

Letttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt’s get ready to rum-bllllllllle!!! Hold that thought, I don’t need Michael Buffer coming after me for a check.

“Uhhh…punks jump up to get beat down… it ain’t nothing but a beat down…?”

Ladies and gentlemen we appear to have ourselves a certified Hip-Hop Beef between two labels.  And it ALMOST, kinda sorta feels like the old days.  Wait, you say it’s not really a beef?  But the internets and the blogs have been yelling this for about two solid weeks.  No… but I thought… oh it’s just Push.  Okay.  And he “allegedly” fired shots at who?  Wayne.  Got it.  Oh… and Drizzy?  I see.  Hmmm…

Yeah so it’s really not a label on label beef.  Sorry… I don’t know what to tell ya.  From what I gather it’s somewhat of a carry over from the Clipse drama that they had with Wayne and Baby from back in the day.  It appears as though Drake may have found himself in Push’s crosshairs as well (on a minor scale).  That dates back to last year with a freestyle he dropped over a Drake track.  But just for sh!ts and giggles, let’s act like there is a label v. label beef between these two outfits.

YMCMB*: Baby, Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drizzy… uhhh, Tyga.. . and ummm, a bunch of dudes that ain’t gonna NEVER see no shine.  Oh and the homie Glasses Malone, who IMO gets no where near the shine and pub he should from that outfit.  I wonder if it’s only a distribution deal to be honest.  Because honestly, he’s a heavy hitter, yet I digress.

GOOD Music*: Ye, Common, 2Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Cyhi and recently Teyana Taylor

* – both squads have lesser known (mainstream-wise) acts… but these would be considered the HITTERS in my book

It’s actually a good thing this isn’t a genuine beef.  Because when I say there is no comparison between these two outfits, there is NONE.  Baby wants to be an artist bad, but dude… c’mon.  For their sake, we’ll drop him off and go with Wayne, Nicki & Drizzy as their top 3 for #TeamYMCMB.  By dropping Baby, I’d like this squad’s chances.  They have star power, record sales and big followings (more like scary #SUPERstans w/Wayne & Nicki)…and contrary to popular belief, actual talent.

For #TeamGOOD, they have a team with flexibility.  You want buzz:  Ye, 2Chainz and Big Sean/Push.  You want bars:  Push, Ye (underestimated still), Common/Cyhi.  Star power:  Ye, 2Chainz and Big Sean/Common.  In a battle… man stop.  Let’s not forget what Com’ did to Drizzy earlier this year, “you ain’t wettin’ nobody n!22a, you Canada Dry.”

Okay this is no longer fun, because it isn’t fair.  WINNER (hypothetically):  #TeamGOOD

The only way #TeamYMCMB would have a chance in this battle, would be if it was in the court of public (mainstream) opinion or record sales.  But off of sheer talent or hell, even the way the teams are led, run, allowed to operate.  Not comparable t’at t’all.  For those individuals who have been under a rock for the past month I leave you with Pusha T’s salvo that started this whole blogosphere created beef.  And Wayne’s immediate reply.  Decide for yourself which is better.


“fuck pusha t and anybody that love him… his head up his ass, ima have to headbutt him” <<< #SUPERstans how do you defend a bs ass line like this?  C’mon Wayne… lol.

14 thoughts on “What’s Beef: YMCMB vs. GOOD Music

  1. “You call this living out your dreams? You can’t fly without your wings… you get it.”

    That one line plus the rawness of the video shows that Drake really doesn’t want it on some real stuff. Wayne’s reply was garbage, and you would think that it was rushed cuz Pushhhhhhh got under Wayne’s skin. PLUS, he pulled a B.A.N. move and pulled Nicki from headlining Summer Jam. Add to the fact that Drake copped to buying an autographed Pusha T mic off ebay when he was 16, Drake was throwing shots at Big Sean already…. #yuck You already know who I’m riding with.

    1. “Wayne’s reply was garbage, and you would think that it was rushed cuz Pushhhhhhh got under Wayne’s skin.”


      I mean his reply was ASS! Not to mention, the way he jumped on twitter to reply when EXODUS 23:1 first dropped, was crazy. You only say some bs like that, if somebody beat that ass w/some facts. Cause you know it’s true and you have no reply. And that whole pulling his ppl from Summer Jam, smh #nobueno.

      And Drake is similar to Chris Bosh in that, they are just easy targets. LOL

  2. This is such an interesting “beef”….if we go back a lil further, we understand how the Clipse and CMB’s beef started and died down….but fast-fowarding to the past couple of months….where there have been nothing but sub shots, allegedly thrown at Drake…(but we all know it was about Drake..because the best way to diss someone is to use the same damn track they used and make it sound better!!)

    Exodus 23:1 (which IMO was a freakin clever ass title especially for anyone who has opened up a bible) is a great diss track….omfg:

    “Contract all fucked up
    I guess that means you all fucked up
    You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga
    That’s signed to three niggas, now that’s bad luck”

    and for Wayne to come back with:

    “fuck pusha t and anybody that love him… his head up his ass, ima have to headbutt him”

    What kind of skateboarding, jeggings-wearing shit is that man….and AFTER that one horrible line..he doesnt say shit else about him..he goes and does his horrible crap of a rap!!!…. #done

    1. What’s funny to me, is when Fif was firing shots at Wayne and Baby, they wouldn’t respond. I mean I understood it to a degree, bc that’s what Fif is good for if nothing else. Pulling you into some sh!t, strictly for the pub. But Push cracks these dudes over the head w/”Exodus 23:1″ and Wayne got so far in his feelings, he went on Twitter the same night and said, “fuck pusha t and anybody that love him…” what? LOL

      If Aubrey was smart, he would play dumb and not get involved. Don’t even reply. And Wayne should just bow out after that “Goulish” bs. Even the track he laid his reply over was trash. Just keep making your music and wearing your “skinny pants and some vans”. Running around talking about headbutting dudes, O_o.

      1. of course they didnt want to mess with 50…he likes to take humiliation to the next level…pics..recording..baby moms…he has no morals at all..LMAO…shook ones!! lol

  3. My thing is you have all these so-called hip hop STANS out here defending Wayne and that YMCMB movement til the end. I’m on BX now reading how these fools saying Push lost cuz Wayne called him out directly? If anything, he’s eating off a killer street single, Wayne is giving him free press, and he on one of the hottest singles out now. Looks like it’s gonna be a CRUEL SUMMER indeed. Glad there is some semblance of hip hop beef cuz it’s fallen off after Ja Rule got deaded.

    1. One of the main reasons I tended not to get involved in too many debates on BX. Cause them young bammas, don’t believe in reason. So Wayne won because he said Push’s name, eventhough he said he “has his head up his ass, he gon’ have to headbutt him?”


  4. This is the best post on any website that I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m actually one of those fairly under a rock, not as in I don’t know anything that’s going on at all, but as in I tend to spend the majority of my time doing what I’m doing and not keeping tabs on what everyone else is doing. Especially the dumb sh*t that I find it impossible to care about. And this “beef” here (lol) wow. Let me just say that I am not familiar with how either camp runs their show so I can’t compare the labels that way. But artist comparison? Wheeew let’s go…

    I briefly saw an interview on MTV and/or BET from both Drizzy and Common quite sometime ago (people are still instigating this ish? what’s it been a year or two?) and in all honesty, while Common did kill Drake, it didn’t seem like a serious beef at all. AT ALL. I thought the whole thing was staged for publicity, true story. It’s not like it hasn’t happened a billion-point-five times before. Ooooh and get this one: they BOTH said during the interview that they had NOTHING against the other. Live and in action for the whole world to see. And maybe they were lying to save face, but Drizzy’s not the type for this and when Common says “nah it was innocent” or “there is no beef” I believe the man. He has more than earned my belief. But I mean, seriously? I’m not sure if Drake took the fake beef to heart, but Common’s extremely nonchalant self (dude…he is much too carefree for this BS lol check out his history, everyone watch him as an individual person and pay attention?) looked as if he was just having fun. Like “ooooh a fresh new baby artist to play with yayyy let’s see whatcha got milkmouth” that’s what it was like lol First of all as you said, Drizzy’s an easy target. Simply put he is not a naturally confrontational person (sorta peaceful for the brutality that can at times be our rap industry…in short “soft” but I love him for it lol) and I find it hard to believe that he would of his own accord go after anyone just on a whim. That whole thing screamed “the label made me do it”. I could be wrong, but maybe I would also like to believe that my beloved and inntellectual Drizzy (yes, I actually was a huge fan when he first released…not sure about him these days, think he’s “finding himself” lol looking for his niche but I’m keeping hope alive) would be smart enough that even if he had the urge to get someone that he would not begin to entertain even the thought of such “beef” with an artist of Common’s caliber. Yeah I’m sure the entire thing was a faux show.

    Secondly…I don’t even think Common should be included in comparing these two camps. It’s just not fair. Yeah he’s not really doing quite as much musically these days (good actor though, I was impressed) at least not out in the open but seriously? How many years has THIS man been around? How much experience and how many battles does he have under HIS belt? Of every last one of the artists from either label, Common has the most extensive background publicly and underground and not just history…longest-running SUCCESSFUL history in his craft, compared to these others listed. No he wasn’t all that mainstream but what true talent is? We all know that what the best usually have in common is that they started their fan base underground. He was more than greatly loved AND unsuccessfully imitated. Throwing Common in with this crowd is like tossing a wolf into the middle of obliviously grazing sheep. Better yet…full grown wolf, lambs. YMCMB didn’t even exist yet, and they’re all brand new compared to this guy by himself. Am I wrong? I honestly can’t remember when Juvie and “Bird ‘n’ nem” hit the scene but I know that the impact was not like Common and his crew…obviously right? Because I can’t remember them LOL All I remember is that I liked Juvenile (and only Juvenile) enough to buy 400 Degrees and at the time thought Wayne and the rest were horribad. Even when Wayne broke off to do his own thing he was suckerfull. Yeah he sucked bigtime. And then one day…OVERNIGHT…I can’t remember what year it was but all of a sudden he was not just good, not great, but effin amazing, (like gave me chills amazing) and I swear to this day someone had been paid off to write his verses, and maybe his delivery was even coached a bit because man…yeah lol You just don’t go from drowning to synchronized swimming within a month. Just my opinion. I just remember my utter awe and confusion. And for s short time lyrically he was one of my favs. But these days he’s back to his old lyrically-wack “Hot Boys era” self. Sometimes I’m sure he’s just bored. I hear him come the hardest when he finds himself on the same track as a hard-hitter. Otherwise it’s like “ABC we
    climbed up the tree and I saw a cat like yipdee dee” kinda sh*t that just makes me cry a little on the inside. On the flip side, I have quite a high level of respect for Weezy for the same reason I respect his royal non-lyricist “everyone but J. Donnemoi thinks I’m the greatest” azz himself (please don’t shoot me yall) Jay-Z. Yep…”the OTHER Carter” lol because they are both extremely intelligent BUSINESS men. But I respect Wayne even moreso. That man is freakishly talented in ways I think most don’t even know about or care to acknowledge. And his versatility among the
    others in his particular field astounds me in the best way. But digressing back to the actual subject at hand…

    THANK YOU for sharing Exodus 23:1!!!! WOW! <—First time hearing the battle due to that comfy little rock above me LOL But oh my that was sexy. I admit Pusha T had not yet found himself to my playlist. But I assure you that will change starting now. The attack immediately put me in the mind of one of my favorite artists, Biggie, and his song "What's Beef?". This even has the same tone to it but lo and behold it's better! I am in love with this and the name is epic. Ooooh look at that, just listened to the last 40 seconds or so (crashed the first time) and What's Beef is playing at the end LOL I love it!!!! As far as Mr. Carter(#2)'s reply…remember the Yahoo straightface? Remember my comment about this dude making me cry on the inside? 1st: Dude why's your voice even higher than usual? This is not a good thing 2nd: Wayne…Weezy…baby…have you not yet learned that the art of concealment is an endearing trait? Learn to stealthmode? Did you not notice Pusha didn't say your name…anyone's name…not one time in that entire swirl of awesomeness? Do you know how f*ckin great it is when we know he's talking about you and your crew without actually hearing your name? You lost automatically the second you said "Fuck Pusha T…" c'mon man! Ever watched two 6-year-olds argue? And they get to going back and forth and at some point they just start yelling out stuff that doesn't make sense but the anger in their voice makes it seem like it should make sense? This reply is the pissed off child. Maybe. You know what? Maybe he WAS so angry that he just rushed it out. But since he's SUCH a businessman I am going to believe that the reason he rushed this out, angry or not, is because he was just too busy running his billion dollar whatevers and didn't really have time to reply to a pointless slice of beefcake with no icing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Let's face it, Wayne's never really been the type to back down even when he knows the entire thing is ridiculous. Nope he has never been the "bigger person" as far as I can recall. Maybe Pusha did push him and he didn't really have time to entertain it but believed it necessary to reply regardless so it was the combination of anger AND rushing because he needed all the time possible to piece Nicki's career back together after the last two radio-disasters before Starships (lmao haaaa I kill me). Anywho, thanks for the input and first Pusha song on my phone. \m/

    1. Maaan, this by far is the longest reply I have EVER seen on my site. WOW!

      With that said, you make a lot of good points in here. The Drizzy and Common deal. You had an older tried, true and tested MC, challenging a young buck for sport. Now there was some personal sh!t said, no question. But Drizzy ain’t built for that. And he knows it, but at times he let’s his circle coerce sh!t out of him…I think. Or maybe he replied for sport (taking it back to the essence of hip-hop’s roots). But that died out kinda quick. But when I said Drizzy is an easy target I meant, he’ll say some slick sh!t at times that leaves you like… “you ain’t about that life bruh, stop it.” Then he’ll come back in another song with some emo sh!t. Just painting a bigger target. Like find your lane and stay right there, lol.

      As for Wayne, I think the dude is talented. I really do. I also know that he had writer’s in the past. Because like you said, his jump from “ehhh” to “damn, word, I ain’t know you could go like that”… was way to drastic. There was no slow maturation, seeing as he started so early. So one, you clearly had a ghostwriter, two his whole style switched kind of suddenly, three his material and even his clothing style began to resemble the Clipse’s (which is another spot of contention), and we won’t even discuss his sudden becoming of a blood (after the Hot Boys, basically wore ALL blue, bandanas included in the early days).

      Wayne is another guy that’s an easy target… but he’s shielded by his #SUPERstans. That dude has gotten away with saying more dumb “ABC we climbed up a tree…” (that was damn funny by the way) sh!t… and his #SUPERstans will scream greatest ever. Every artist has a hiccup, but this dude… maaan lol. And Pusha’s jab pushed every button imaginable. Because he let his emotions show and replied like a 6 yo. Then he recorded a “rap reply” and it was trash. Pusha cut him with facts, Wayne said his name and then went on a tangent that wasn’t even a good one. So yeah. It is what it is.

      Like I said, I don’t see this going as deep as camps getting involved in the back and forth. I definitely can see Wayne dropping a not so subliminal or two on someone else’s project. Because only his stans are saying his reply was acceptable. So it’s almost like he has to come back with something else to make up for that trash effort. But like I said initially, Wayne isn’t built for that life either. Push is a lyricist. Wayne is a sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I wanna be like Jay and not write. And when he does the latter, the results are usually garbage (IMO). Time will tell though. Thankx for replying and coaxing a long reply out of me :-P.

  5. That was NOT a passionate debate Ryan….what that was was a CLASSLESS TIRADE….I will NEVER understand WHY AI chose her as a judge in the FIRST place….Nicki is a character so who is she to judge actual singers……URGH…won’t be watching!!!!

  6. I want to express my appreciation to you just for rescuing me from such a instance. The mere thought of this comparison is laughable to me. You basically have one camp that is filled with actual talent and one that has 2.5 talented ppl and a lot of undue extra hype. Preach on brotha!!! LoL

  7. str8 bitch!!I honestly think that Kanye won’t let Pusha go off on Young Money cuz how big Wayne is right now and also Drake just think about it they say that Kanye is doing pitoucdron on the new Wayne album I see the Hip-Hop since the days of Ross change to just a bunch of dick riders, they all wanna do songs with each other and once they see one of them is standin on one leg they all forget about him and move on to the next I don’t mind features but now it’s just done for the fuck of it, some don’t even make sense I gotta drink some coffee I’m fallin asleep here-lol

    1. Tell’em why you mad son! LoL. I agree with you 100% by the way, especially at the features these days not even making sense half of the time.

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