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Welcome back to RLW! Look, the SPOUSAL UNIT and Y.M. Boog went to Cincinnati last Thursday, so that she (the misses) could take care of some things for her sisters wedding ( i.e. – getting fitted for her dress ). Well when they left, everything was fine. Boog was his normal energetic, rambunctious self ya’dig? Counting to ten in english and spanish. Wearing the A-B-C song slam OUT, at the drop of a hat. Running around playing with his basketball or his football, eating up everything, blah blah blah.

Now before they left, he’d have the occassional crying moment if we were home and the misses would go out wherever during the day. But it would eventually end and everything would be cool. Or he’d cry every now and then if I wasn’t in the car when she picked him up from daycare. But ever since they’ve been back… he’s been crying non-stop. I stayed home with him on Monday and he cried for his momma off and on throughout the ENTIRE DAY!!! I’ve stayed home with my son PLENTY O’TIMES!!! And we’ve NEVER had that problem.

We’d be chillin’ and he’ll look at me like, “mommy?”

I’d tell him, “mommy’s at work Boog, she’ll be back soon”

Him: [tear drop] [tear drop] waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah [tear downpour]


The other morning, the misses was in the shower, I was getting ready for work and Boog was stirring before waking up. I went to the living room to do something and I looked up he was standing in the doorway. I told him good morning and he looked like he was sleepwalking as he walked right by me. Going to the kitchen to look for his mommy. I shook my head and went to the bedroom. He came back down the hall and around the corner and said, “mommy?”

ME: “she’s in the bathroom taking a shower baby, she’ll be right out”

HIM: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah [tear downpour]

ME: [after str8facing the mirror]


Yesterday afternoon on the way home, it was just me and him. I think he asked for his mommy one time when we were on the way to the car. I told him she’d be home later, we pointed to the trucks and cars (getting our truck and car recognition down, vans give him a little trouble), got in the car. And listened to Jay-Z all the way home. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL! “Show Me What You Got” came on… he did his part to the song, “and wave… and wave… and wave… and wave.” Everything was peachy-keen. Got home, we ate, used the potty (intro to Potty Training at the PL household), washed up, read two books, played a little basketball… I put him to sleep. NO PROBLEM. Wakes up this morning, same thing. The misses is in the bathroom, I’m in the bedroom, he wakes up… “mommy?” Now my son is a smart lil’dude. He can hear the water, sees the doors closed, he knows she’s on the other side of the door. But as soon as I say, “she’ll be right out in a minute, o-kaaay”


So this morning I had enough. I was on str8 silent mode. Because as soon as she came out of the bathroom, the waterworks shut off and he’s back to normal. Maaan, naaah! He was trying to talk to me while he was watching them damn WIGGLES, I just looked at him. I think he got the hint cause his expression changed and he just turned back to the TV. Now I felt like an asshole after that, I have to admit. Because irritated or not at the situation… that’s my baby ya’dig? And he didn’t do anything wrong or even anything bad. He’s just in a SERIOUS mommy phase right now and it’s not sitting well with me. I’d be cool if the crying wasn’t there. Dammit they done made my son SOFT over the course of 3 days. Da’HELL MAAAN!?!

Not to mention, the misses told me that her aunt saw Boog one day while they were there and saw him in a polo that he was wearing over top of a long-sleeved t-shirt. Her reply to that site, “maaan he’s not even a baby, he over here with a polo on. Can the boy be a baby.” My response to that (after the fact, since I heard it second hand), WE AIN’T RAISING NO BABIES IN THE PL HOUSEHOLD… WE RAISING YOUNG BOYS TO BECOME MEN. Babies are born dammit, they ain’t raised. Now I’ll admit, Boog has some clothes that make him look like he’s in high school or college. But everything he does is all little boy.

Some may think the issue with me and Boog, is that I want him to grow up too fast. And that’s not the case at all. I do admit, that I am kinda hard on him at times, because I expect great things for him and I intend on giving him a firm base to go about those things. Yet, I’m not rushing him into, out of or past anything… .. .

EXCEPT FOR MAYBE THE CRYING PHASE, THAT SHYT IRRITATES ME TO NO END!!! The sooner we can end that, the better. That and sleeping in his crib throughout the entire night, but we’re working on the latter.

Yet all of this comes with the territory, I know. Doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, but I’m coping, slowly but surely.

So yeah, right now, I’m on some Boog can’t go to Cincinnati anymore without both of his parents until he’s at least three and hopefully out of the crying phase

Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post. I’ll get up again real soon.


Mr. RLW :: they call’em Y.oung G.O G.ETTA


  1. Man…sounds like they spoiled him ROTTEN….I feel you on that crying tho…i can’t take it…especially not from my son. But on the other hand…little boys are always close to they momma’s. My son is almost 8 and he still knocks on the bathroom door EVERY time I’m in there.
    So…maybe you need a daddy’s girl to balance it all out…lol

  2. wooooooooow!!! 3 days and he came back a mommas boy!? Better becareful, he just might start getting even more attached than he already was.

    “We raising young boys to become men” that’s what I’m talking bout.

  3. – Preciate that El Prezl, I mean El Cinco

    – m.Lo, your young 8 y/o is still on that same vibe to a degree… ah hell nah. u are supposed to be giving me hope, not vice versa, lol

    – Kay… maaan 3 days. CrAzIness right? I can’t… maaan.. . just maaan… lol

  4. lol….my son is a momma’s boy…but not in a bad way. he’s very protective of me…always making sure i’m alright…that type of thing…
    I Do Not Play The Crying Game…he learned at a very young age that all crying was gonna do, was backfire on his lil ass….Cause like you said…We raising young boys to become men….

  5. *in my Elvis voice*
    why thank you…thank you very much

    Now don’t fret…da Boogie Woogie gon be a’wight…lol

  6. He’s going to be alright … it’s just a phase. Maybe he attached more to his mommy because he was around unfamiliar faces. I know he probably knows that side of the family, but you know how little kids are … they tend to attach to those they are around more. He’ll be ok … just give him a little time. You did say this came on after they arrived home … so Boog just has to get used to things they way they were before. Trust me … I have a little experience … lol

  7. I hear that, but I’ll be damned if hearing that don’t make it no easier. LoL I do, appreciate hearing that though, cause maaan… I’m about to re-grow my hair just so I can pull it out ova here.

  8. LMAO! awwwe…I feel your pain! I guess boog got addicted to all the attention & the love from mama & the ladies! Can you blame him?! lol.

  9. Hey homie! been a minute but I wanted to give you a shout out! thanks for the Shout out about being expecting!!! I’m due June 7th (4 looooong weeks)
    we settled in Raleigh, NC like I told you, we are all doing well.

    Anyway to comment on little Boog. Christian is the same with his dad (except he has never been much of a crier, he would just look all around the house like I ain’t even there calling “da-dee!!! da-dee!! where are you” all I get is “mommy, we’re’s daddee?” like I ain’t carried, birth, nursed, the little sucka.

    far as the comments on how you dress your baby, please I agree, you dress your kids how you want them to be so whatever!!!

    talk to you later!

  10. Lookit that lil’ fat-leg boy! LOL Cute all day…

    I hope Moomie doesn’t get into that crying phase…OOO I can’t take a whining baby. I feel you on just LOOKING at him…like “and? you done?” Moomie gonna have to learn to talk REEEEAAL soon.

    And polo shirts? If it was all like that, they wouldn’t make them in baby sizes. Get a grip. I’ll mess around and have Moomie in 3-piece suits and gators; don’t play with me! LOL

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