Welcome to 2008: OWN UP or SHUT THE FUCK UP

First OFFICIAL Blog of the New Year!!!

Hopefully everyone’s ’07 closed on at least a decent note, and 2008 has started off on the right foot. If not, then here’s to hoping things hit a serious upswing for you, quick – fast – and in a hurry. I don’t really do a lot of resolutions, I just try to set goals. I may share those later, I may not, either way here’s one of my mantra’s for 2008.


No more making excuses
No more passing the blame

If you do it / say it / portray it / support it / set in motion / etc. … and for some reason things don’t go right or even go WAY WRONG. Own up to it. Admit you were wrong in some capacity and keep it moving. This goes for all adults and kids over the age of 13. Moreso the adults though, as there should be no chirren on my website ( :: wink :: ).

I’m claiming 2008 as the year of the GROWN – UP!!! So let’s all do our parts to come across as just that…

With that said, I’m going to close on a vid that addresses something that people LOVE to pass the buck on, rap music. Today’s banger is by the one and only ICE CUBE off his upcoming album (Raw Footage). The name of the song, “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.” Pretty self-explanatory. This one goes out to those misguided parents, teachers, counselors, politicians and those in the “know” … who want to blame all of society’s ills, especially in the inner city, on rap music. It’s been clinically proven that music, can enhance and at times alter emotion… but it isn’t the reason for kids taking guns into school, for planes to hit towers, for internet predators or anything people like to point to this genre of music for. OWN UP to the real, the issues in inner city living goes back about three or four decades, when rap music went from not existing to being in it’s infancy stages. Enough talking… watch the video and most importantly, listen to the lyrics.

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

OWN UP or STFU in ’08!!!
:: PL ::


One thought on “Welcome to 2008: OWN UP or SHUT THE FUCK UP

  1. well iguess that’s why he is who he is!!! that was dope ice cube still got his swagger for sure. that song definitly makes you think. i mean just the idea of looking at the hypocracy of our government. ummm thanks for exposing me to this song/video. b/c of all this “snap” music on tv I don’t watch videos as much anymore, so I don’t think Iwould have seen this. although I doubt MTV or BET would show this with the imagery shown.

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