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You know the sad thing about this entire ordeal, is the further realization and proof of racism still existing in America.  It’s just not as in your face as it once was, unless you live in the deep south, it wears a mask and hides itself in varying forms like the media. Why do I say this?  Because there are far too many people of all races who have no clue what the entire Jena 6 situation is all about.  It finally got some national press yesterday, because it was the day prior to a mobilization of African-American’s (and any other races of people who are heading down to Jena to protest the judicial system and wrongful legal practices, there and across the country).  If you look at the AP or Yahoo articles and even press in your own cities, they are reporting a quarter of the story, which is even more gross negligence and piss poor journalism.  Media outlets are now (as in yesterday and today), reporting that the situation stems from 6 black boys being jailed for beating a white student unconscious.  Yet they completely fail to even hint at the escalating factors that led up to the “last” fight.

People… step outside of the box.  The media gives what they want to give, it’s okay to dig deeper into a story to get all of the facts.  It hasn’t been made more clear recently before now.  Educate yourselves or get lost in the shuffle not knowing why you did.


BLACK THURSDAY – Today, September 20, 2007, was originally the day that the first of the Jena 6 to be tried and convicted (Mychal Bell) was to be sentenced to what many believed would be the maximum sentence for his “alleged” crime. The people who have taken the initiative to lead this movement down to Jena today, have called for all African-Americans and anyone who gives a damn about the fight against racial injustice, to wear all black today.  And if not all black, something black.  Just as a sign of support, unity… SOLIDARITY.  I applaud all who have done that today.  All that would if they could.  And even those who didn’t, because they knew nothing about it.  And for anyone who has viewed and / or read this post or any of my prior posts in my blogs on myspace about this situation.  I applaud you … for wanting to know the deal.  For wanting to be made aware.

You have to love, how they have put the city of Jena under a STATE OF EMERGENCY, shut down the schools and here’s the kicker, OVERTURNED Mychal’s conviction, prior to the protestors from all over the country coming to Jena. They are in an entire state of, “THE N!@@AS ARE COMING, THE N!@@AS ARE COMING,” down there. But we as a people have been through this before. We unlike the bigots that make the decisions down there (and their misguided offspring) know how to conduct ourselves. What a feeble attempt at stopping a movement that is STILL coming nonetheless. My prayers go out to all of those who have made the trip down to Jena for today’s rally and protest. May you be safe, unmoved, protected from any and all possible negative provoking and effective with your actions.



  1. I can’t believe this Jena thing has been dragged out for SO long… I heard about it, when they first started petitioning and telling the story way back! They need to just let those kids go. P
    roof of racism in America is everywhere, I guess these tv stations finally thought it was profitable enough to take notice.
    Kudos for helping to raise awareness!

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