“You got only one guy getting stronger, and one guy breaking down before our very eyes.” Rose “chose poorly” and “#shouldasignedwithNIKE #GWS (Get well soon).” – Jason Petrie, SENIOR Footwear Designer, NIKE

These were sentiments uttered by Mr. Petrie Saturday on twitter, after last season’s NBA MVP Derrick Rose, fell to the floor painfully after tearing his ACL in Game 1 of the Bulls NBA playoff series against the Sixers.  Stay classy Jason.

Twitter is not only a harbinger for pending asshat-dome (dumb) for professional athletes, entertainers and politicians.  It also provides an opportunity for virtually unknown individuals, to open their mouths and insert their entire ass (starting of course with the foot and working it’s way up… or down).  Now you may read that and say, gee, that’s social media as a whole right?  There are all forms of idiots persons in the world, that choose to spew their opinions with absolutely no filter.  It’s their God given right, that just so happens to be protected by the Constitution.  Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you choose to look at it), these very same individuals fail to acknowledge one very simple fact that comes with social media and all of its infinite glory.



But, wait, here’s the best part.  After Mr. Petrie made his freakishly insensitive and ill-timed comments, he of course was attacked by individuals on twitter.  First he played the position of (paraphrasing): “you guys take things too serious, I never want to see anyone get hurt…” but once the attacks kept coming, he became indignant and on the defensive, (paraphrasing): “I’m a man and I stand by my comments… grrrrrrrr.”  At one point going as far as to say, “Just to set the record straight- if you ain’t with me you against me, and if that’s the case I don’t give a F about you!”

OF COURSE Mr. Petrie has since apologized, but I guaran-damn-tee you it was after the suits at NIKE caught wind of the growing uproar bubbling due to the idiotic comments made by one of their employees.  If you ever needed a reason as to why, designers design and not speak for companies/products… TA DA!!!

Brian Strong, a spokesman for “the Swoosh”, had this to say:

“As a brand that is passionate about sport, we recognize the intense level of play that every athlete has engaged in during this basketball season and respect the dedication it takes to compete. One of our basketball footwear designers posted comments online that we feel are inappropriate, and he has since apologized. We wish anyone who is injured a speedy recovery.”

For those not in the know, Derrick Rose re-upped with Adidas last year, on a multi-year deal (10+ years), worth in excess of $185M+*. There have been countless athletes, that were linked with brands in the past that have switched companies after their initial deals (i.e. Dwyane Wade leaving Converse for Jordan Brand) — Derrick, chose not to be one of those individuals.  So why Mr. Petrie decided to make such a tongue-in-cheek comment, as though his pockets were personally hurt by D. Rose’s decision is beyond me.

To be quite honest, I’m a NIKE guy.  And I must admit, I found it quite interesting to see countless commenters say that they too wear NIKE, but are contemplating a switch to another brand, due solely to the comments made by a non-decision maker at the company.  That in and of itself is taking it overboard in my opinion.  Yet then again, outlandish replies are sparked by outlandish initial statements.  And no matter how cute or harmless he thought it was initially, the fact that he is an employee for the competition automatically makes him more than a random individual voicing his opinion.  A piece of advice Mr. Petrie, when in public… scream NIKE until you become hoarse.  But keep the competition and those associated, out of your mouth.

That’s what us other random idiots persons in the world that choose to spew our opinions with absolutely no filter do.  When talking about work related things anyway.  SMH, unbelievable.

Get well soon D. Rose!  Not really sure why Petrie’s tweet couldn’t just say that.
* – the particulars found for Derrick Rose’s new contract with Adidas have been said to be worth “around” $200M ($185-$200M), w/incentives that could push it to upwards of $260M.

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  1. Twitter… making people look like complete and total assholes, since 2006, lol. The definite down side to social media, people can instantly see how much of an idiot, some people are.

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