Stay Woke…but unplug occasionally

if we as individuals don’t allow ourselves opportunities however small, to exhale and experience some form of normalcy– we will burn out and be worthless to any cause

“The Matrimony” – Wale f. Usher

Wale dropped his new single “The Matrimony” (Making Plans), from the upcoming The Album About Nothing (#TAAN) project today. And if you’ve been paying attention to any of his comments on what to expect from the album, this track definitely falls right in line. One of the major themes Folarin has repeated during the buildup to the […]

:: sir duke ::

it’s like love unexplainable indescribable an entity all it’s own it’s like life for some there’s no existence without it it’s like laughter essential in it’s healing and mood altering ability it’s like links between here and now the present and the future the backdrop for all we are and ever will be it’s like […]