Enter…Jsin Graham, Fiction Writer

My earliest memory of being a creative writer, goes back to second grade when I created a story called “G.I. Jai”.

Watch your mouth and fix your face.

Shout out to B.O. Barnes Elementary School in Wilson, NC. After that however, nothing really, until I attended a summer enrichment program following my third or fourth grade year in Washington, DC. Now my recollection of the story I wrote that summer, is pretty nonexistent. However, I do remember being called into the hallway the afternoon after I turned it in.

The teacher who ran that portion of the program and another teacher/counselor questioned me about my submission. I answered all of their questions and regurgitated enough of the story to appease them and they sent me back to class. The nerve! FWIW, they did bot tell me that the story was really good.

Following that time, it wasn’t until I ran across my English & Creative Writing teacher in ninth grade, that I really began writing again. Just like previously, I stopped as soon as that year ended.

As a creative, a title I’ve fully embraced in the last ten or so years, the ability to create and breathe life into ideas is something I don’t take for granted now. In fact I wear it with a badge of honor. In college the writing bug fully grabbed a hold of me in the poetic form. Yet in recent years, it’s morphed into something more (blogging/advertisement & web content/short stories/etc).

For some reason though, when it comes to saying a loud that “I am a writer”, I’ve been less willing to come out and claim that moniker. Do not ask me why, it’s just the way I’m wired I guess. Knowing me, it’s because I don’t have anything to point to as a published body of work.

Enter…Jsin Graham!

Jsin Graham is I. And I am he.

That will probably be the first and last time I say that out loud. So forget it after you read it.

In my unveiled adult life, I am nearing a bit of a crossroad. A career change is in my near future and I have started to setup a few things that will help me in doing so. And with not entirely knowing what that next phase will look like, this pen name will allow me to create freely. Without any fear of blow back on my family or work life. As a fiction writer in any medium, I have always prided myself on being in your face. Unapologetic. Unfiltered. And writing as Jsin Graham allows me to continue to do that. While continuing to expand on the work I’m looking to produce.

Here’s to hoping you give your boy a chance. Don’t say I never told  you anything!

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