My boy got pulled over…

…by the police and that shxt shook me up. Because as a black man/woman in 2017 America, a minor traffic infraction could directly impact census numbers at any time. And dammit, I’m not ready to say goodbye to my brother yet.

Roughly a day after this– a forty something female police officer in New York City was murdered in a senseless and unprovoked attack. The assailant now deceased, was said to have been schizophrenic and off of his meds.

I am a law abiding American citizen in this country. One with relatives who have served in the armed forces. One with relatives who have served in various hued uniforms, that took an oath to protect and serve. One that full on respects and understands the danger associated with the job undertaken by the nation’s police force.


  1. I empathize with my friend’s ordeal for a number of reasons. Yet I grew more affected by the situation as I read his detailed account
  2. I mourn the loss of Officer Familia’s life. Who was tragically taken away from friends, family and a community, far too soon.
  3. I can feel empathy for both of these individuals/occurrences equally, because I’m an evolved human being. One that understands, that acknowledging tragedy in respect to another, is not a zero-sum game

Rhetorical question coming in 5-4-3…

Why is it so difficult for people to accept, that you can criticize someone or something, while not condemning the sum of it’s parts?


If you put five police officers in a lineup and show proof that two were bad. Took bribes, have multiple reports against them for excessive force…it’s okay to call them bad cops.



Now, in that same spirit try this. If a police officer panics…




and kills an armed or unarmed civilian negligently, he/she is responsible for killing that person. Period. And together class…that individual should be held accountable.

But that’s not reality. Accountability doesn’t exist when it involves an officer and the taking of an innocent life. Even in situations where traffic stops are grossly botched by the trained responder, and the victim did everything right (#PhilandoCastile). Which in turn, results in a further cultivated precarious view of authority, which continues to rapidly erode.

How dare I or anyone cry foul at this though…right?

This is not a hit piece on those sworn to protect and serve however. POLICE OFFICERS DO A JOB, THAT I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE OR GUMPTION TO SIGN UP FOR. THANK. YOU. FOR. YOUR. SERVICE. No, this is being penned as a means to an end. To show how one can both walk and chew gum at the same time.

There is a legit fear felt by individuals of color in this country for the police. Not a healthy respect, but a feeling of terror that at any moment any interaction can go sideways and lead to our demise. And the gross lack of accountability and acknowledgment of this very real reality is only making matters worse.

Thanks to recent history, my motherfuckin’ best friend could have been a got damn hashtag, like too many before him. But because far too many more in this country, suckle off the teat of a broad brush stroked narrative of who and what is good/bad. Who and what can be questioned or taken to task, I’m supposed to look the other way.

My boy got pulled over the day before Independence Day, because of the tint on his window. He has no criminal record. He’s a married, father of two, with two degrees and is one of those guys loved by all.

He survived thankfully, by way of sheer chance. And nothing you can say, will convince me otherwise.

Thanks America.

Oh…and the tint was 14% below legal levels.

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