PB&J: Eternally Classic

Simply put, PB&J could be the biggest venture I’ve ever undertaken in the world of business, as it is the first real legit one that I’ve been involved with and am following through on. For all new RLW visitors and those that have been with and around RLW since its inception years ago, you know me and you know what I’m about. I respect and thank you all for any and all support of which you’ve shown me throughout the years. I know a good number of you all like family and in keeping with that, would appreciate it that much more, if you came with me on this PB&J journey.

During this phase of the marketing plan, very little information is being released at the moment. However if you click on the image or here (www.eternallyclassic.com), you can add your name to the mailing list and be kept abreast of all things PB&J leading up to our official launch date: 1-11-11.

Trust me, you all won’t be disappointed if you get on with the movement now. Because once the train leaves the station, don’t say I didn’t give you notice.

Special shout-out to my boy Lex (http://www.lextravagant.com), the co-founder of PB&J. Let’s make history bruh…

:: Gon’ ::

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