The Minutiae of Negativity…(issa rant)

Instances like these, are why I keep my mouth closed when randoms overshare their views tinged in negativity. All of the good that can be done in this country and in this world…yet some choose to allow a self-aggrandizing few to disrupt how they live.

  • when to stand, when to sit
  • who/what we can and can not criticize
  • how to protest
  • calling one out of their name, because they don’t protest to the levels you see fit
  • valuing property and convenience over lives
  • who folks can and can not marry
  • forcing antiquated ideals onto the masses, despite clear flaws
  • protecting those same antiquated ideals (“America”, police, religion, etc.), instead of admitting there are problems and addressing them

All of the ills that exist in a day and age, where answers and/or the means to find them, are literally at our fingertips. And we, as a people, are content to still fight amongst ourselves to prove “our” way is right. Nevermind the fact that, the individual or entity who we “think” is wrong may genuinely have a point. They also, may have the answer to something that truly needs to be addressed. An answer that could make that thing(s) better.

This is why I put zero stock in ideals. Only people and their past & present actions mean anything in my view. Because just as easily as we can evolve, we all can grow in the opposite direction as well. And unfortunately, the people who realize this are in the minority.

I don’t know the man in the above video from a can of paint. His beliefs, anything. But I know real, unmitigated joy when I see it. Now imagine the different walks of life, that took part in the creation of these glasses. I’m willing to bet there are some conflicting opinions that live among those individuals. But look at what their #collective abilities produced.

Stop engaging in #groupthink. If you can criticize your family or someone on your job or your team– why can’t you do the same for anything else? Especially an ideal, an object, an entity. It doesn’t mean you don’t/can’t love it. It simply means you see where a fix can be made to make it better.


It’s literally something we’ve been doing since elementary school. Look at your work. Find the flaw(s), fix it. We were taught to do this from an early age, to make things what class…better.

FVCK #NEGATIVITY (and stupidity)…LIVE!

We can affect change, if we step outside of ourselves and accept that no one person or thing is perfect. It’s okay.

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