MISSISSIPPI: Back to the Future

June 26, 2011
Jackson, MS

A 49-year old man by the name of James Craig Anderson was randomly attacked, savagely beaten and then run over by an 18-year old white male, who after a night out drinking with some friends decided… “he wanted to go mess up somebody black”.

Now look, I’m far from one of those frighteningly naive individuals who thinks racism does not exist. But it never ceases to really shake me to the core when in event like this takes place. Call it, making sure I don’t get too comfortable in my up north way of living I guess. Thankfully my roots are in the south due to my bloodlines, so I definitely do know the real. Racism definitely still does exist, it’s just masked in a myriad of different forms in today’s day and age, the TEA PARTY *cough-cough* pardon me.

However even with all of that, to hear of this via CNN.com on Monday, I believe was the first I heard mention of it– and not to hear about it on network news (which I watch daily), bothers me. Unfortunately, I’ve grown accustomed to having to hear about any injustice brought on Americans (of all ethnicities) by the police, online. I mean it appears to just be standard operating procedure these days. I don’t know if it’s an unspoken rule (or maybe a written rule somewhere) after what happened in LA after the Rodney King trial. But just think about the news coverage of any police brutality crimes in different parts of the country over the last 5-7years. Where did you receive the news? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Yet even in saying all that, and getting back to this most recent act of senseless violence (non-police related). I honestly don’t know what irritates and frustrates me more.

1.) The fact that more people outside of Mississippi aren’t aware of this.
2.) The fact that it has not made national news (TV)
3.) Or, the fact that even with the current “coverage” by CNN.com, this actually took place two months ago.

The latter I just found out this morning, when I clicked on the link to the actual video of the attack taking place and saw the time stamp. It’s being reported that CNN is just now receiving the info and video footage, thus why they are just now reporting it on their website. But how does something like this just get sat on for two months by the local media in MS.? I mean I get it, but still. See video footage of the reporting of this heinous act after the jump.

Video footage, courtesy of CNN (Pls heed the GRAPHIC content warning at the beginning of the video)

This morning on the THE BIG TIGGER MORNING SHOW w/Free, David Banner (MC, actor, philanthropist and Mississippi native), called in to voice his opinion and shed some light on a situation that many are still unaware of due to the lack of “mainstream coverage”. Click for audio after the jump…
David Banner on the “Big Tigger Morning Show” – 08.11.11

If you really listen closely to what he said about this case and countless others, it really is a lot to take in and process. Not to mention, it may echo the same sentiments some if not all of you, already have. But sadly, alot of what he said regarding what is necessary from our generation (all races), to truly affect change is even more true.

I was just talking to a younger co-worker at work on Monday about the London riots. And she was telling me that, “that’s what needed over here in America,” referring to the type of showing of civil unrest and physical depiction of a people unhappy with the system and it’s treatment of those it represents. My response, “this generation, doesn’t have the balls to do something like that. As a whole, we don’t possess the mental fortitude or desire to do something drastic enough to force attention to be paid.” Let alone, a demonstration such as the one in London I personally don’t feel would be allowed to go on to that degree here in the states. Because our officers and military possess firearms that they are not afraid to use.

DIGRESSION however. What’s your take on this case in Mississippi? First time you’ve heard about it? How did you feel when you first did? What do you think about what David Banner said? Speak on anything remotely related to this or similar situations going across the country or elsewhere.