from:  Kwanee Butler

My child is MISSING and I Don’t know where she is.

I need your help. My daughter Jade is missing. I last saw her yesterday @ 8:15am as she was headed to school at KIPP DC High School. She was wearing a white polo uniform shirt and charcoal colored skirt.Jade is around 4 feet 11 inches. Has sandy blonde/brown hair with green eyes. She is 13 and didn’t come home last night. She doesn’t own a cell phone but does have a Facebook page under: SunshieLovess TawannaPoo. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS PICTURE AND SHARE WITH OTHERS. I know she was home as of 1:30pm, but wasn’t here when I arrived later. She maybe hanging out around Benning Park, 51st SE, Anacostia Metro Station, or 8th and Hst. She frequents the W4 bus route and 92. She just started the 9th grade at KIPP and recently graduated from Stuart-Hobson Middle school.

PLEASE CALL 202.710.9788 (MOM) 202.705.6785 (DAD) OR POLICE 7TH DISTRICT (202.698.1500)

Please share, re post, tweet and keep my family in prayer that she returns home safely.



One thought on “MISSING CHILD: Jade Price

  1. I am very happy to report, that Ms. Jade was found this afternoon. I don’t know any details or particulars, but I do know she is at home with her family.

    A special thank you to anyone who may have clicked on this link that I posted on twitter this morning. And in turn shared it or even brought up that this child was missing, in passing. Any and every little bit of notice was of some help.

    God bless!

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