Lebron: just my thoughts…

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because:

1.) This sh!t is old now (but my site was undergoing re-construction)
2.) There really isn’t that much to say that hasn’t been said (although you haven’t heard it out of my mouth)

But prince James is easily a top three, in the world, basketball talent. Honestly, there may not be a more talented player in EXISTENCE now or in the past. However he lacks one thing. That one thing that really can not be defined. It in fact is so indescribable that it doesn’t have a name. Some people call it … “it,” yet in this instance, “it” isn’t even it. That thing that the GREATS of sport had/have. Now that I think about it, its like a combination of “it” and “next level competitive drive.”

(IT x uberCompetitive drive)^indescribable “thing” = Monumental Greatness

Monumental Greatness in my mind is equatable to arguement of the greatest of all-time status.

See Lebron has teased the basketball fan with his potential to be THAT, ever since he came into the league. It could be the fact that he was so great at such an early age. Or it could be something in his mental make-up. I don’t know, but somewhere along the line, I think he began to realize that he didn’t have what it took to be in that group of names that are considered the greatest players of all-time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Lebron actually sat and thought to himself everything I just said. But I do believe that he came to a point where he figured, a championship is more important to me than my all-time legacy. And all things considered, he’s totally entitled to that level of thinking. In fact, this entire summer and early fall has come and gone and I’m just now realizing that that is ok. Literally just now.

Simply because he is blessed with endless amounts of ability, does not mean that he has to be what we, the casual basketball observer or the greats of yesteryear… want him to be. In fact he actually may be owed THIS much respect for recognizing what was truly important to him and taking the steps he saw as being necessary to make it happen. Damn, ya’ll are gonna have to excuse me, but this post isn’t going the way I thought it would, lol.

With all of that said though, I still will be rooting against the HEAT this season. And I do truly hope that they don’t win another title ever, as long as the big three are together. My reasoning, it just goes against everything I believe in, in terms of putting together a team. On top of that, the answers/explanations given by Lebron for deciding to “take his talents to South Beach,” and their overall responses to the criticisms from the greats of the game… make it easier for me to be against this “team.” And we won’t even go into, “the decision.” One of the absolute worst ideas that actually was allowed to come to fruition in the history of the earth. And to think ESPN actually signed on to be a launching pad for it. I mean in the grand scheme, I get it, its good TV. And in the world of TV, it’s all about the ratings. I get that. But even with that taken into account, there had to be somebody at the top of the network, that saw this idea and said… I think I’m going to be sick.


In the end, I wish Lebron all the happiness in the world with his decision. I hope he enjoys his new life in Miami. I also hope that D.Wade continues to be D.Wade. As for Chris Bosh, that damn sheep of a follower, lol. I mean at least he let it be known very early on that he pretty much is what he is. A follower [very loose paraphrase sequence]:

“Imma go wherever one of them go… a-yuk-yuk-yuk”

Here’s to hoping they get to the Eastern Conference Finals this season and get swept. And get no further than that any other year that follows while they are all together. And here’s to hoping my Wizards and any other team(s) in the league surprises everyone and has a good season. Just to take some shine off of the overload in coverage that this “team” is going to get once the season begins. Hell it’s already started. ESPN has a motherfucking HEATindex. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! Come on man…

At the end of the day, there’s a right and a wrong way to do everything. Here’s to lessons being learned from what in my mind (you do not have to agree), is distasteful, disgraceful and frighteningly unacceptable in the world of sports… hell, in life. This whole thing reeks of some ol’school Dan Snyder fooley-wang. Miami basically got rid of their entire team… so they’d have the money to make this sh!t happen financially. Dude. And Pat Riley, man. Just damn.

And I know I said at the top, I’d keep this short and sweet. But for my old school readers as well as any new one’s… I can be long-winded at times. Don’t judge me…

:: Gon’ ::

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