Kingpen Slim “Life After Doubt” (album stream)

Life After Doubt (released: November 11, 2016), is the latest and possibly greatest album/project to date from Uptown DC’s independent heavyweight, Kingpen Slim.

I say possibly greatest, solely because I’ve been a fan of the kitchen magician for a minute. And I don’t throw out grandiose proclamations all wild.

But to be clear…#LAD is dope.

From past projects, Slim has shown himself as an MC that does two things really well. Rhyming and talking that slick shxt. And LAD does not disappoint on either of those fronts. Easily checking both boxes as a complete and cohesive piece of work, from top to bottom. As an unapologetic super fan of his The Beam Up 2 tape, I’m still trying my hardest not to be THAT guy. The stuck in the past listener comparing everything to older work. I mean but keeping it 💯, I use “Big” as an alarm on my phone and “The Win” as my ringtone. But I digress.

Life After Doubt, an homage to iconic hip-hop titles Life After Death (Biggie) x Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z) is a throwback to the type of lyrical storytelling popularized on the mainstream level by the aforementioned projects.

For those scoring at home, Slim has painted a sonic backdrop to memories of the old DC (before heavy gentrification and smarttrip cards). So if you can’t rock with that or your ears are averse to slick wordplay, this is not the project for you.

Since it’s release, the 14-track project with production from Mark Henry, J Buttah and The Directors to name a few, has been reviewed favorably by the likes of The Crew2Dope Boyz, ThatsEnuffBrightest Young Things, Dirty Glove Bastard and Fashion Citizen.

But judge it for yourself.

After the jump, roll thru the album stream + visuals for one of the standouts on #LAD, “Bad Guy”. Thank me later.



Life After Doubt, AVAILABLE NOW! | #LAD #doubtkills

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