“It’s Complicated” (EP) – a different kind of review

Is it though? Complicated.

The new-ish 4piece from Folarin, “It’s Complicated,” is an extremely well put together snapshot of relationships in 2018. Especially those entered into by the younger demo.

Real spill, I really hope the current 25-34 year old squad appreciates Wale for what he is. Not only is the guy one of the best lyricists and story tellers of his generation. But his decision to be his unapologetic self, even to his detriment at times– he’s really speaking y’alls truth.

“It’s Complicated”

It’s Complicated to find a lady in my generation, that’s not preoccupied w/social clout…

Self-explanatory. Social media is the most gift and a curse, invention ever created. The access and reach it allows is amazing. But it’s the excess that’s the problem. The empty gratification found in “likes” champions all things superficial. Cheapening what real affection looks and feels like.

This is the perfect opening track. Because he makes it clear he wants what a relationship provides, but recognizes some real roadblocks to getting it.

He later talks about having someone, but I’m guarded and shit, because of past situations. We all have to do a better job at looking at situations and not people, when things don’t work. Stop giving exes so much time and space in our heads.

“Black Bonnie”

The older you get, the more you appreciate the real ones that don’t get offended, when you say shit…

Self-explanatory. Men and women have a tendency to focus on the wrong things, when dealing with who we’re rocking with at the time. Sadly it’s not until more of us are older, that we learn to appreciate the real from the frivolous.

Ladies, aside from the fact that Jacquees moonwalks on the hook, pay attention to what he says…

Can you be someone, I can hide my fears with/and if they got us on the run, we can still chase our dreams

Something that men prioritize in relationships is loyalty. Most men won’t admit it, BUT WE’RE FRAGILE AS FVCK! That’s why a heartbroken man is worst than a heartbroken woman. Women are built to love. Men often times have to be taught/shown (not told), it’s okay to.


Optimism. Guy meets girl, guy likes girl. But again, he’s been hurt. He’s used to doing more work than he feels should be standard, for something that didn’t work out. So why go thru that again?

In a new situation, he’s unsure of how to move forward. Tending to fall back on how things “worked” w/the last one. Which makes him leery…that this will end like the last one. You start projecting shit.

With that said, he’s hopeful that maybe SHE could be the one that shows him what a relationship w/o stress looks like. All relationships take work. But the one’s that don’t feel like work, are obviously the gold standard.

“Let It Go”

Wait on me or be low key / girl either way Imma be lonely / cause I know me, sometimes I be / in my own way when nobody love me…I got some issues

I’m heavily flawed, God designed me a little different / always at odds with my mind and my heart (aye)

The youngin’ sounds defeated. Perfect ending to this project, from a story perspective.

The woman on the hook is trying to tell him, this is different. I’m different. Let that hurt go. And then he goes on to come to what sounds like a harsh reality– lemme find out I’m insecure. Of everything he’s seen or thought may have been bigger issues in relationships, his own insecurity may play the biggest role.

#ItsComplicated is a tough project slim. It’s perfect in its raw realness. And paints one helluva picture of the cannibalistic nature of relationships w/o proper individualistic healing.

A dope ass cautionary tale, by a masterful storyteller who knows he’s imperfect, and unafraid to tell you that. The best part though, he never seems to sour on the idea of trying again to find his one. That’s the key.

Is “it” complicated? Yes. But, giving up off a bad experience or two, hell, three. That’s a suckers mentality. Kill all of the unnecessary drama.

Learn, adjust, keep living. Then, keep loving.

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