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Man says he’s tired of being mistaken for MJ

A Portland, Ore. man has filed a lawsuit for $832 million, saying he is tired of being mistaken for Michael Jordan, according to KGW-TV.

THE HELL!!!?!!! Have you all heard about this nonsense. WAIT, WAIT… READ ON

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The television station’s Web site says Allen Heckard filed the suit against His Airness and Nike founder Phil Knight on June 29 in county court, claiming to have been mistaken for the basketball legend nearly every day for the past 15 years.

And he’s tired of it.

“I’m constantly being accused of looking like Michael and it makes it very uncomfortable for me,” Heckard reportedly said.

Heckard apparently is suing Jordan for defamation and permanent injury, emotional pain and suffering. He is suing Knight for defamation and permanent injury for promoting Jordan and making him one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Heckard, who stands slightly taller than 6 feet, says many people miss the fact that he is roughly six inches shorter than Jordan.

But Heckard bears a physical resemblance to Jordan because he has a shaved head, an earring in his left ear, and is in good physical shape — from playing basketball.

“Even when I go to the gym I’m being accused of playing ball like him (Jordan),” Heckard said.

Wouldn’t most people consider that a compliment?

“Yes, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely a positive thing, because Michael, like I say is one of the best ball players that I’ve known to play the game. But then again, that’s Michael and I’m me. So I want to be recognized as me just like Michael’s being recognized as Michael.”

The television station apparently caught Heckard wearing blue Air Jordan tennis shoes.

Is Heckard trying to look like Jordan?


“They’re very comfortable shoes to play ball in,” said Heckard. “I play a lot of basketball and any other shoes I try to play in tend to hurt the bottom of my feet.”

What made Heckard decide to file suit against Jordan and Knight for $416 million each?

“Well, you figure with my age and you multiply that times seven and then I turn around and I figure that’s what it all boils down to.”

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Now I’m sure you maybe sitting there asking yourself, “WHAT IN THE HELL?” Or. . ., “PL, HOW IS THIS ENtuhTAINment?!?!?” And I reply back to you, HOW IS IT NOT? This has got to be some of the most ridiculous bs, I’ve heard in quite some time. I’ve heard rumors that I look like a singer that will remain nameless, and even one time one of my boys said I looked like a particular football player that will remain nameless. I don’t look like nah’one of them dudes. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be suing nobody. Make it work for you playa. I’m pretty sure you haven’t done anything in your life that is comparable to that of “his AIRness.” Just call it a hunch. I mean. . . I ain’t never heard of this guy before now, have you? Yeah I didn’t think so.

With that said, I know people are always scheming on a come up. But c’mon bruh. Fa’real? ! ? No, Fa’real? ! ? And this fool thinks he’s helped further MJ’s popularity. . . huh?


Maaa aaa aaan, talk about somebody that needs to SAT DOWN somewhere. Maaan, I wish I could have seen Jordan’s face when he heard/read about this in the first place. The hell? So, if you look like the neighborhood crackhead, are you gonna sue them for making u look like a crackhead around your actual peers. When in fact. . . you just smoke a lil’reefer (you like how I said reefer right).

MR. HECKARD you get today’s . . .



  1. This is the dumbest shit I ever heard…or close to it. MANNNNNnnnnnnn…people can sue for ANYTHING nowdays…ain’t this some shit…damn. The messed up part is that they can force you to pay them aka settle because the damn court cost are higher than the settlement. Man..our laws are A$$ backwards.

    not to mention…he doesn’t look like jordan other than being black and bald…if it mattered that much why didn’t he grow some hair or wear a hat..dumb Phucker…ughhhh!

  2. LMAO @ get the hell on with that bullshyt award!! Dude is ridamndiculous!! He all pissy because people thinks he looks like Mike, but clearly he wanna… he wanna… be like Mike. Dude, are you effen serious?! Grow some hair and lose the MJ hoop. Rolls eyes. Also, if dude is causing you so much pain, why would you put money in his pockets by buying his shoes. Man please!! You mean to tell me he’s never used looking like Mike to his advantage by picking up the stray gold diggers. Dude need to go kill himself!! That is all…

  3. Head shaped all funny and isht!! GTFOH!! That is all…

  4. Look like he should sue the person who hit him in the dome with a basketball…lol

  5. oh hell nah!lol that nigga don’t look like mj that nigga look like mr.gaines from A Different World

  6. Likwid /

    Yo… LOL!!! Not Mr. Gaines tho’. LOL!!! I don’t know why I never saw that before when I looked at dude. That’s a good call right there.