Fellas We’re Winning…WHAT IS Y’ALL DOING?

The year is 2017. MMXVII. 17 years after this bxtch was supposed to blow smooth up. And in the ever since Eve tricked Adam to eat the apple relationship era (so since creation), males and females have been at war. And all over something that no one can truly control, power.


Fellas, this post is strictly for you..

…because you all are fvcking up the game! This is damn near the golden era for the male gender. And dammit, I’m not ashamed to say, I was single at the wrong got damn time.

YEAH I SAID IT! Ladies you might not like where this goes, but trust me, it is ultimately for your benefit.

The male to female ratio, still works in our favor fellas. In fact, each year the pendulum probably swings a little harder in our direction. Depending on who you are as a man, how you were raised, where you are in your life–this is the proverbial sweet spot.

Looking for a relationship?

There are plenty of women ready to settle down.

Looking for a situationship?

There are plenty of women in various places of their lives, willing to accommodate that role.

Looking for a woman that likes women?

It’s 2017, every woman is at least bisexual. It’s a prerequisite now (I know that’s not true, but go with it).

Looking for some no strings attached action?



Believe it or not, there are a LOT more females of all ages that currently share the above sentiment. And to those ladies I say…

So what’s the problem fellas…

…power. And our inability or unwillingness to cede it.

WAY TOO LATE DISCLAIMER:  If you are the perfect man, single, spoken for or none of this applies to you, don’t let me hear about you bashing any of these unsolicited thoughts.

Ladies raise your hand if you ever had a man you aren’t committed to, catch a full blown attitude because you weren’t…available?

Here’s why. Men (see disclaimer) want fluid commitments, whether in or out of a committed relationship. “You be here. Let me do me, but you be here. Don’t try to do me. Just be here.”

Good, bad or indifferent, double standards will never die.

Don’t believe me? Have you heard Sza‘s new project Ctrl? I’m only a few spins in, but she definitely is more of a modern day woman in mindset. Project’s pretty dope btw.

The visceral reaction from a number of men to the content, not the quality of the music, is oddly baffling. In fact, the negative responses from some men to that album, directly reflect how men are screwing up modern day male-female romantic interactions.

Look, if you aren’t trying to commit right now just say that. In today’s society women have largely adapted out of need (scroll up). Nevermind how that could ultimately backfire on both sexes long-term. Women are saying, “just let me know from jump what’s what, I might want the same”.

This should be your reaction…

But here’s the kicker. You gotta stay out of her business when she plays that same hand. No ties, means no opinions/criticism. I mean that’s what we want right.

At no point in history, has it been more beneficial for a man to tell a woman the truth. If not for yourselves, do it for your ancestors…got damn! You bastards disgust me.

How are you not able to commit to non-commitment?




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