DC’s Top Model Femcee


I really am not one for throwing publicity at people who I don’t feel have talent.

It’s pretty safe to say, that MJ is my favorite female artist out (hip-hop wise). Industry or Unsigned. No disrespect to any other female emcees out, but she’s my kind of female emcee. First off, I have always been a fan of ladies who could rhyme. Always had respect for Latifah, Monie Love, Lauryn Hill, Bahamadia (probably my favorite female emcee of all-time), Jean Grae, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Shawnna, Eve, Brat etc., etc. But for some reason, unlike with male emcees… I just am more partial to more sassy-aggressive style female emcees (Femcee’s) -v- sheer lyrical types… or overly aggressive types. Got respect for all of them though, cause if you can rhyme, you can rhyme. But I’m just more partial to the other type that I mentioned before– which is funny when you think about it, because Bahamadia doesn’t really fit into that lane I described. But hey, it is what it is…

Be clear, when I say Maria J got flow… trust, da’girl goes IN!


[ – trust, she gets the STAMP, I need to come up with an RLW STAMP – ]

Maria J performing @ La Conekta’s 1 yr anniversary @ AXUM


MARIA J – popup Playlist



MARIA J on iTunes

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[ you won’t be sorry ]

14 thoughts on “DC’s Top Model Femcee

  1. Yooooo son. Yoooo you shoulda put this right here up sooner. She performin anytime soon? Where can I see the live version? Hook a brotha up!

  2. Ok, Nalez, nice to know my prior efforts have not gone in vain. Preciate the reply. Click on her name in the post, and that’ll direct you to her myspace page. You can check out some more about her.

  3. Damn Nick. I mean I know her, but I don’t KNOW HER, LOL.

    I really can’t give you no “in.” But the next time I hear about her performing somewhere in the area (guessing you’re in the area), I’ll let u know.

  4. Jazzy, my bad lady, missed your reply.

    I am not really sure y she isn’t signed to be honest. But at the same time, I know of a nice number of emcees (male and female), that aren’t signed. Hell in this area (DMV) alone. But moreso for her, probably because she’s a female. And the backwards ass goofy record industry, doesn’t know what to do with a female emcee right now. So that isn’t helping. But shyt, the way I see it, at the least she should at least be linked up with a management company or a team that’s label affiliated or something. Even if its an indie. But that’s just my opinion.

    Preciate the reply and retweet.

  5. it’s not often i can give a female emcee a sincere compliment these days, so this is a historic moment (lol) but great job. looking forward to seeing/hearing more in the near future.


  6. Good sir I can’t thank you enough for showcasing this local star on the rise. Just when I thought the ‘femcee’ was instinct you introduce one to me that is from the AREA!!????!!! This makes me happy on so many different levels its crazy. lol

    So where oh where can I pick up the CD? And hopefully a poster.

  7. Not one to be all that for femcees, truth be told. Like you, PL, I give the pioneers in the game their props but I don’t run behind them like all that. This sister right here is cool. Like her flow. Like her energy. She flips it kinda cool. A lil swag with it. Not mad at her.

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