C’mon Maaan…

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… what’s good people. Let’s just get right in it. Today I want to talk about blatant disrespect. The main focus of my post:

the MIaka’s


Now before I state my opinion, I must say that no I am not greek although I am still thinking of pursuing it on the grad level one day. With that said though, I have quite a few friends that are greek. Namely, quite a few female friends that are AKA’s. And eventhough I have yet to have an in-depth conversation with any of them (I briefly discussed it with one), I can only imagine what or how they feel about this whole situation. What I can say is, that a few messages I’ve seen online on random messageboards, are about as opposed to this whole cracked out movement as one would assume.

Greek life, is a LIFE decision. Of course you have your misguided who get involved in college because of popularity reasons. And some organizations or should I say chapters of their esteemed organizations are just as guilty for getting away from the original standards set by their founders. But that’s a discussion I choose not to get into, because hey… like I said, it’s a “few” people… a “few chapters.” Yet getting back on task, one’s decision to go Greek is a LIFE decision. A financial, educational and lifestyle commitment. People work hard for their letters, for the sheer chance to get their letters… to belong to a historical group of people. To serve as rightful descendants of their predecessors, representing and carrying the mantras that their organizations are based off of. What they stand for.

The “Divine Nine” are a internationally recognized collection of greek organizations for MEN and WOMEN.

MEN: Alpha’s, Sigma’s, Omega’s, Kappa’s, Iota’s
WOMEN: AKA’s, SGRho’s, Delta’s, Zeta’s

I repeat… there are groups for MEN as well as groups for WOMEN.

Now, in addition to the “Divine Nine,” there are other groups that have formed on campuses, that have been recognized by other universities across the country and the globe. Yet, the one thing these other groups did, is they formed their OWN groups / organizations, to represent themselves… THEIR BELIEFS. Some homosexual man made it up in his mind one day, that he wanted to be an AKA (maaan, this blog can spin off in so many tangents, it makes no sense, but I’ll try to stay on task). Now I don’t know this man’s name, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is, the fact that he looked at his sexuality and decided a prestigious organization made for WOMEN, better suited him than one of the one’s that represent MEN. C’mon maaan. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that he was shunned by his college’s chapter of AKA and more than likely by the National Chapter as well. So what does he do, he decides to come up with the idea of a contingent of AKA’s that are for others like him.

[note: I don’t know the history of the self-titled MIaka’s, I’m merely speculating ]

In so doing, they take the colors of the AKA’s, they take their Ivy stance, they take their sisters call, and somehow think this is okay. I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show one morning and they were discussing this matter and read an email that was sent in by a MIaka member. This person spoke of how they “love” their sisters, put on social programs, volunteer… basically do everything a member of AKA is expected to do. Is this supposed to make everything okay? C’mon maaan. You’re basically stealing what these ladies have worked for, for your own selfish gain. And we won’t even begin to discuss the legal ramifications of which I’ve heard some lawsuits are on the way. C’mon maaan, the hell is wrong with these dudes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of an organization, but if it’s obvious that you can not belong to it for reasons you can NOT help / fight / nor fix, CREATE SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN. It’s okay to use something / someone as a model… but to copy verbatim, … someone please mute this nonsense.

And did I mention that the person that sent the email into the Steve Harvey Morning Show, said that he and his fellow members from his chapter and those across the country… plan on arriving in DC next year for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of AKA.



That’s all I have to say about it. Please feel free to respond and speak on what you think about it. And please no replies of how you are anti-Greek (if you are). If that’s the case, then speak on what is laid out here, without spinning off into too much of a tangent.


Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post. I’ll get up again real soon.


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    that cracked me up!! before I read your long a$$ blog (smile) i was SO confused!!! why am I seeing grown a$$ men posing and pointing at there out stretched foots. i was puzzled until I got to your blog about the Gay fraternity. hey do you fellas, but them damn poses like to had me pee on me-self!

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