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“Postgame Pass” – BOOK REVIEW

Postgame Pass: Access to the Life, by Jill Munroe is a riveting cautionary tale, of the fast life of today’s modern day professional male athlete.

It details stories of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, Pac-Man, gambling, violence, dragons and the incomparable Robin Givens.

And as over the top as the above statement reads, only a very small percentage of it is false. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that.

In the book, Jill speaks to a few different audiences, in what one could frankly describe as a manual for all interested stakeholders, involved in the day to day off the field dealings of big time American professional athletes.

From young soon to be pros (w/aspirations to become a recognizable brand), to their wives/girlfriends, to aspiring fun girls hoping to become reality TV stars to those regular people that keep VH1 + Bravo’s ratings so high– there really is something in it for everyone.

Now for the pure sports fan who only cares about what’s going on on gameday or the necessary training and discipline needed…this book is NOT for you. However, you should really be able to discern that from the title. But alas even for those types, what you can gain, is a greater appreciation for what your favorite athletes have to go thru on a day to day basis. Because nothing is ever as cut and dry as it seems (i.e. why two teammates seem to suddenly have a problem with one another, and can no longer co-exist).

My favorite parts of the book:

  • Time-Outs- true stories/situations involving players recounted for poignancy to that point of the book (w/names changed unfortunately lol)
  • Chapter 4- Recycling, Chapter 7- Zero to One Hundred Real Quick, and Chapter 15- Exit Strategy
  • the glossary- a number of these terms I was familiar with prior to reading, but others not so much (for fun, read thru the glossary and then go to a pro athletes timeline on twitter and scan it…#thankmelater)
    • my new favorite terms that I can not use loosely in public *cough-cough*:  HoFax, Slash

My take:

All in all, Postgame Pass is a quick, easy and entertaining read. And would make a nice stocking stuffer for anyone who is into the life (off the field, glitz, glam, drama and trappings) of today’s milennial athlete. Initially, the book begins very “listy”. Meaning there’s a lot of, this is this, that is that, type of info. Yet after I finished it, I went back to the beginning and re-read the first couple chapters and better understood why things were presented in that fashion.

As a life long junkie of all things sports, I enjoyed it. And a number of the Time-Outs, had me thinking back long and hard to past rifts between players– in an attempt to figure out who the author was talking about. Additionally, we won’t even discuss the things I actually have done on social media, that athletes + celebrities do (according to this book). But I swear, I didn’t do it for the same reasons…well not the exact same reasons.

Without giving too much away, you’ll just have to read the book to understand. I will simply say this…”birdcall” lol.




Follow the author:
Jill Munroe (StilettoJill on most platforms) – “ESPN meets Sex & the City”

twitter: @StilettoJill | instagram: @StilettoJill | youtube: StilettoJill | facebook: JocksandStilettoJill




Random Q + A’s w/a Bald Guy – 11/3/15

QUESTION:  Wizards, Redskins, Capitals or Nats? Who runs the DC sports scene? Go!

Answer – Redskins all day. Eventhough all of the other franchises plus the United and Mystics have had markedly more success than the Skins of late. History is what puts the burgundy & gold on top. Gentrification, could change this however.

QUESTION:  Do men care about weaves? Is it a process to get over or are men just honestly ok with weaves?

Answer – Honestly, I think this is a case by case basis. Just like some (most) men like women with lots of hair, there are others that are pro-perm vs naturalistas, and those that could truly give a damn. At the end of the day, I think guys that truly are into a woman, would prefer no weave. Or at least not weave on a 12 month a year basis. There’s something to be said for being able to run your fingers thru there.

(that’s as clean as I can answer that lol, I was gonna go into hair pulling and the like but…)

QUESTION:  If your ex starts dating the woman he cheated on you with, then starts cheating on her with you, aren’t you really just breaking even? Not really doing anything wrong?

Answer – FUCK! I mean…hmmm. So the cheater is cheating on the cheat, with the cheatee? I mean, shit, I guess you aren’t. Ol’boy might want to consider leaving both women alone though, because the karma that is riding around on one of those motorized scooters from the grocery store is… heaaaaaaaaaaaaavy! Everybody go their separate ways, that’s what’s best for all parties involved.

I gotta throw some holy oil on this question.

QUESTION:  How are you enjoying being the father of a little girl?

Answer – way, way too early to judge. Right now, she’s a toddler, so any real gender specificity hasn’t really reared it’s head yet. She’s loud and way more whiny than her brother was at this age. But other than that, everything is everything. I will say she has the ability to completely alter my mood, but I think that’s moreso because of her personality than her gender. Ask again in about three years.

QUESTION:  Is there a certain time in the evening when a woman can call/text and NOT be looking for some peen? A platonic curfew?

Answer – hehe. There are a lot of dudes who feel like there’s no such thing as a man and a woman being friends. I’m not one of those, but that’s not your question. I feel like I’m invoking electronic marshall law here. I think a safe time would be no later than 10pm, barring an emergency. But as soon as 10:01 hits, I don’t care if you’re texting because you want to know the dress code for church in the morning– the follow-up will be, “…but what color panties you got on tho? Netflix & Chill? Hulu & Deep Couch Sitting?”

Jokes aside, it really depends on the nature of you two’s deal/friendship. Some dudes’ filter, shuts off at a certain time of the night. And if serious boundaries and understanding are not in place, you can and will be tested.

QUESTION:  Why is it that people can look at my name and insist on adding extra letters?

Answer – Because people are stupid, generally speaking. Even in 2015, if someone isn’t looking at a name that isn’t normal for the 1800s (as spoken in the King’s English), they opt to either not pronounce it correctly or refuse to try. My first name is like that to a degree. How can I pronounce my shit for you and you regurgitate something totally different?

But back to your question. My third grade teacher told our class:  “Read what you see, not what you think you see.” That has stuck with me til this day. It’s one thing to not be able to pronounce it, but you’re being lazy if you can’t reproduce it.

QUESTION:  I’m a poet, not as my full-time job. But this woman I’m interested in hates poetry. Should I cut my losses now?

Answer – Unless your prerequisite for dating is that she has to like everything about you, then no. As long as she’s not one of those people who put down and flat out loathe the art, then I don’t see the problem. All she has to do is respect that you love it, she doesn’t have to (although she’d get points if she at least tried). But don’t get ahead of yourself. Holla at her and see what’s good. If poetry is your only play though…

QUESTION:  Is 40min of penetration too long for a man over 30 in order for a woman to reach vaginal orgasm from penetration?

Answer – Uh, no? There is no one size fits all answer for this question (see what I did there). Some women can’t deal with 40 mins. of straight pure penetration. Some dudes can’t give it to you either (blue pill not withstanding). There’s a lot to consider with this question however. Connection between the two. Size. Her ability to orgasm “naturally”. History of bad partners, causing her to think it takes that duration of time, with everyone. And that’s just a few. Are we talking 40mins with or without foreplay?

I’m no scientist, but I don’t think a man loses his ability to drop that thang at age 30. And even then, abilities differs by the man.


QUESTION:  How long can you go without social media?

Answer – I don’t know, but I like the odds I could do better than most. Now if you said without the internet, yikes lol. See the unfair advantage I have over the younger generation, is I was an adult before social media. So I know how to live life without that bitch.

QUESTION:  Is it possible for someone to be in love with you after talking to you on the phone for less than a month?

Answer – Eh. My immediate response is no, because that’s STUPID! My follow-up would be no, because DA’HELL!

In all seriousness, my final answer would be no. I think love has no singular definition, but you know it when you experience it, if that makes sense. After a week of talking on the phone however, nah. I’m gonna stick with no. I think you can grow to be extremely comfortable…thoroughly enjoy the person’s company…and even start to have thoughts of being able to see yourself with them, but that’s it.

This is where one of the two parties has to be a realist with some relationship experience. Could it in fact be love? Of course, anything is possible. But odds are better, that you hit the ball out of the park and are enjoying the hell out of the honeymoon high stage. Sounds like a Candy Crush level lol.


Well that was fun. As soon as I find a way to make things more anonymous, maybe I can look into expanding this effort. Or maybe it’s too long. Who knows. I might need to do this again however. Much appreciation to all who submitted questions.

If you don’t see your question here, then I guess I have a real legitimate reason to do another one of these. Stay tuned!

VOLUNTEER OPPTY in DC | “Jaxon Day of Service”

Who:  Jaxon Marketing + Creative

What:  Jaxon Day of Service

When:  October 10, 2015 – 11:00 AM

Where:  Washington, DC

Unless you have been blessed to be born into a world where you are surrounded by affluence, you at least occasionally witness someone who is forced to live in substandard conditions.

In an attempt to lend a hand, the “Jaxon Day of Service” initiative was created by Keesha J. Atkins, founder and chief marketer of Jaxon Marketing + Creative– an upstart boutique marketing imprint based in the DC area.

When asked the main reason behind her decision to undertake this extremely worthwhile endeavor, Keesha responded:

“I really want philanthropy and community service to be a part of what Jaxon is ultimately about and stands for. I always thought to myself that if I were to ever start my own business, I want to get to a point where I can regularly donate and support a number of causes.”

With a rapidly approaching date for the “Day of Service” here is how you can lend a hand in the creation of care packages to be given out to the homeless on October 10th:

  • Visit to donate to the cause (the goal is to raise $2,000). Here you can also obtain a detailed account of the items to be included in the packs.
  • Share the link to the gofundme page, on any and all of your social media platforms.

In an ever changing world, an ever changing society, anyone can be dealt a bad hand that leads them to make decisions that can drastically affect their livelihood. We as a collective people can reach higher heights, when we all are able to prosper.

Because of this, whenever we have even the slightest opportunity to help someone else in need– we should jump at the opportunity to do so.

Cheers to making a difference.



follow Jaxon Marketing + Creative on twitter, facebook and instagram at:  jaxoncreates