:: contusion ::

                          superficial wounds are not meant to hinder us but to teach lessons   ============= Copyright ©2014 by J.S. Atkins for Running Likwid Works “The Life that Songs Unlocked” Project | part One As inspired by Stevie Wonder’s iconic, “Songs in the Key […]

:: have a talk with God ::

the present day contrary to popular belief, is not as different as some feel just different in how it is presented, the difference, are those dealing in the present our way has been lost, you can pick and choose why but somewhere along the line we… simply forgot the means to which they got by […]

:: village ghetto land ::

this land is your land it was never my land, from the Watts towers to vacant Barry Farms land the chilled ran amuck, birthed from homes of fatherless woes man leaving the children to run amuck, birthed from homes absent of, a man re-threading the spinning wheel weaving a cycle of thicker fabric, penetrating hopes […]

:: sir duke ::

it’s like love unexplainable indescribable an entity all it’s own it’s like life for some there’s no existence without it it’s like laughter essential in it’s healing and mood altering ability it’s like links between here and now the present and the future the backdrop for all we are and ever will be it’s like […]


I have cried been pissed off laughed uncontrollably, been worried to no end and felt pride unbeknownst to me, chastized and lectured tickled and joked endlessly helped and reassured protected that which is a part of me, I am amazed everyday at the young man that you are, born into a world of confusion yet […]