Enter…Jsin Graham, Fiction Writer

My earliest memory of being a creative writer, goes back to second grade when I created a story called “G.I. Jai”. Watch your mouth and fix your face. Shout out to B.O. Barnes Elementary School in Wilson, NC. After that however, nothing really, until I attended a summer enrichment program following my third or fourth […]

“Postgame Pass” – BOOK REVIEW

Postgame Pass…details stories of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, violence, dragons and the incomparable Robin Givens.

“Office Furniture” (excerpt)

“Office Furniture” is one of the stories to be found in my latest literary venture, Stranger Things, hopefully to be completed this year. ============= I’m sure I’m being called all kinds of bitches right now, she thought to herself. Good thing I don’t care. Responding to new emails that were making their way in, she […]

:: contusion ::

                          superficial wounds are not meant to hinder us but to teach lessons   ============= Copyright ©2014 by J.S. Atkins for Running Likwid Works “The Life that Songs Unlocked” Project | part One As inspired by Stevie Wonder’s iconic, “Songs in the Key […]

:: have a talk with God ::

the present day contrary to popular belief, is not as different as some feel just different in how it is presented, the difference, are those dealing in the present our way has been lost, you can pick and choose why but somewhere along the line we… simply forgot the means to which they got by […]