Top 10 Reasons This Married Man Could NOT Be Single in 2018

With my having a solid amount of single and married friends, the conversations I find myself in and around, are far reaching. And in fact, because of a lot of issues I hear from my single friends…I AIN’T TRYING TO BE SINGLE NO TIME SOON!

Ladies, It’s Your Fault that Relationships are Few and Far Between

The lack of quality romantic relationships in today’s society are thanks in part to decisions made by women. And as usual whenever something is broke, it will take women to fix it.

Fellas We’re Winning…WHAT IS Y’ALL DOING?

Depending on who you are as a man, how you were raised, where you are in your life–this is the proverbial sweet spot in dealing with women. Stop screwing up this golden era.

NARE | Married – “What about me?”

We (men) can be very one track minded at times. When that happens, just remind us about what’s important (namely you). You as your husband’s wife, should know how to manipulate him…