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Trade for Alex Smith, Trumpets Redskins Embracing of Mediocrity

In the moment that the Alex Smith to Washington trade was announced last night, the team gave a master class on how not to run an NFL franchise. Something that it has done at an elite level, for the better portion of the last two decades.

Do they know what they have/had in Kirk. Absolutely. Straight-laced guy. Competitor. More than capable. A guy who found a way to manufacture his numbers from the previous two seasons under wunderkind Sean McVay– with a ball of string, a paper clip, half a shoe lace and some chewing gum in 2017.

Not perfect. Not special. But a very good quarterback in a passing league, that is entering his prime. A steal as a former 4th rounder, that the team pooped the bed on signing at a much more palatable price in the past. His prior negotiations with the front office x his being the #1 free agent on the market, guaranteed his exit.

Enter Alex Smith. Though four years older than Kirk, Smith is coming off of the best statistical season of his career w/KC (4,042 yds | 26-5 TD-INT | 104.7 RAT). Albeit with better skill players around him, Smith provides the team a chance to continue to improve in other areas, without taking a noticeable step back at quarterback.

But of course, leave it to the Skins to find a way to turn something that looks like a solid idea on its head.

Adam Schefter would go on to report that the “unidentified player” in the trade was none other than Kendall Fuller. The legacy corner out of VaTech, who in his second season in 2017 graded out as the best slot corner in football. Fuller was also said to have a shot at potentially lining up opposite Josh Norman in 2018.

Before the stroke of midnight it would be confirmed by USA Today’s Mike Jones and Adam Schefter, that it was indeed Fuller, that would complete the trade with Kansas City.

A week ago, it had been mentioned repeatedly that the team was doing it’s due diligence at the Senior Bowl. Focusing heavily on a strong quarterback group, that could lead to their taking one at pick 13 in the first. Or possibly one on day two, to sit for a year behind Colt McCoy or one of the other veteran FA quarterbacks. Opting to instead use franchise QB money (i.e. $23M per, $70M guaranteed) to maintain financial flexibility to re-sign a key guy like Zach Brown. While looking to hit on another starter or two in free agency, like the team did with Swearinger last season.

But if this fan base has learned nothing over the past two decades, it’s that substance is not sexy. Why continue to work to build a better product on the field, when you can throw glitter on mediocrity and dress it in gold pants.

Because even if Alex puts up Kirk numbers, and the secondary is worse, you’re essentially taking a step back. And for what? To make it look like you’re trying?

Fellas We’re Winning…WHAT IS Y’ALL DOING?

The year is 2017. MMXVII. 17 years after this bxtch was supposed to blow smooth up. And in the ever since Eve tricked Adam to eat the apple relationship era (so since creation), males and females have been at war. And all over something that no one can truly control, power.


Fellas, this post is strictly for you..

…because you all are fvcking up the game! This is damn near the golden era for the male gender. And dammit, I’m not ashamed to say, I was single at the wrong got damn time.

YEAH I SAID IT! Ladies you might not like where this goes, but trust me, it is ultimately for your benefit.

The male to female ratio, still works in our favor fellas. In fact, each year the pendulum probably swings a little harder in our direction. Depending on who you are as a man, how you were raised, where you are in your life–this is the proverbial sweet spot.

Looking for a relationship?

There are plenty of women ready to settle down.

Looking for a situationship?

There are plenty of women in various places of their lives, willing to accommodate that role.

Looking for a woman that likes women?

It’s 2017, every woman is at least bisexual. It’s a prerequisite now (I know that’s not true, but go with it).

Looking for some no strings attached action?


Believe it or not, there are a LOT more females of all ages that currently share the above sentiment. And to those ladies I say…

So what’s the problem fellas…

…power. And our inability or unwillingness to cede it.

WAY TOO LATE DISCLAIMER:  If you are the perfect man, single, spoken for or none of this applies to you, don’t let me hear about you bashing any of these unsolicited thoughts.

Ladies raise your hand if you ever had a man you aren’t committed to, catch a full blown attitude because you weren’t…available?

Here’s why. Men (see disclaimer) want fluid commitments, whether in or out of a committed relationship. “You be here. Let me do me, but you be here. Don’t try to do me. Just be here.”

Good, bad or indifferent, double standards will never die.

Don’t believe me? Have you heard Sza‘s new project Ctrl? I’m only a few spins in, but she definitely is more of a modern day woman in mindset. Project’s pretty dope btw.

The visceral reaction from a number of men to the content, not the quality of the music, is oddly baffling. In fact, the negative responses from some men to that album, directly reflect how men are screwing up modern day male-female romantic interactions.

Look, if you aren’t trying to commit right now just say that. In today’s society women have largely adapted out of need (scroll up). Nevermind how that could ultimately backfire on both sexes long-term. Women are saying, “just let me know from jump what’s what, I might want the same”.

This should be your reaction…

But here’s the kicker. You gotta stay out of her business when she plays that same hand. No ties, means no opinions/criticism. I mean that’s what we want right.

At no point in history, has it been more beneficial for a man to tell a woman the truth. If not for yourselves, do it for your ancestors…got damn! You bastards disgust me.

How are you not able to commit to non-commitment?




Vindication: Durant earns 1st Championship

…and NBA Finals MVP, at the same damn time. Thus proving, that if you set your mind to something and are undeterred by the opinions of others– you too can be a winner. Thank you for teaching the kids that very important life lesson Mr. Durant.

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP finished game 5 with 39 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and a steal. Shooting a gawdy 70% from the field and 63% from three. Saving his best for last in the close out game of a series that saw him average 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists on 59% (.588) shooting. Say what you will about his leaving OKC for GSW, but Durant clearly played his best in the biggest moments of the finals.

Despite an eventual 4-1 series win, Golden State versus Cleveland take III did an amazing job of being exactly almost what we thought it would. The skill level on display from both teams, was unmatched. Shout out to both LeBron and Kyrie on simply amazing performances throughout.

At the beginning of the season, a repeat of the last two finals was a foregone conclusion with the addition of Durant. However there were some before the start of this series, that were predicting a sweep despite both teams entering with nearly identical postseason records. Possibly because they saw the inevitable.

Did it hurt GSW to have a healthy two time MVP on their side? One that had a strong series and one of his better games in the close out? Of course not. Nor did it hurt to have a mercurial 4 man, that understands his worth to the team as an all-around player, having a Draymond game. How about the 2015 Finals MVP, having his best game at the right time. What about old man David West getting T’d up for the culture?

Golden State is a better team than last year’s OKC squad. Despite their being down to the Thunder, 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals in 2016.

Golden State has been a better team than the Cleveland Cavaliers the past three seasons now. Despite their giving up an infamous 3-1 lead in last year’s Finals.

Golden State, despite having this weird infatuation with the numbers 3 and 1– is the type of team that a talented offensive player would want to play for. As long as said player can fully buy into we over I.

So the skinny kid from Seat Pleasant (MD) made the move to Golden State. Ignoring all of the tweets. All of the talking heads. Any and all of the current and former players that frowned on his decision to chase the one thing he didn’t have. He made the decision he wanted to make, for the result he was hoping for.

And regardless of how any of us feels about it, he got just that.

Oh and our opinions really don’t matter in the end, because @MamaDurant is proud of him. For doing it his way.

And personally, I don’t have to like it to respect it. 2010 made 2016 possible. Welcome to our modern day reality.

Congratulations KD!

Relationship Goals, Just Say No

No matter the social media medium, I can guarantee you this. At some point, you have seen the following two words hashtagged:  relationship goals. And I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s another sign of social media going too far. Or rather, people allowing social media to navigate their lives.

Just as every individual is different, every romantic relationship is as well. There is no one size fits all set of criteria that equates to one’s happiness as it relates to one partner. Hell, some people don’t even believe in having…one.

But in a day and time, where committed relationships are almost frowned upon by some. Grossly ignored by others. And thought to be prehistoric relics by even more– why trivialize it? Why look at a couple’s chosen snapshot of a singular space in time and fawn over it. That’s not #goals. Those are likes and more importantly, not reality.

Some may say, I’m putting too much into this. “My looking at a post or pic of a loving couple and replying with:  goals or relationship goals, is my way of showing love. My way of saying, I want someone I can do/say/feel the same way about.”

To that I say, you may be correct. However, what is the retort when #goals are:

  •  a web-celeb w/all the answers (according to millions of social media shares + RTs) gets into a public relationship and it ends abruptly?
  • a celebrity, married three times. Who makes a fairly substantial piece of their current fame and fortune off of relationship advice– and they’re sued by a former spouse?
  • that one popular couple in your circle, who posts something you and most love. But you forget how one of them days/months/a year prior were almost on the outs

At the end of the day, we must determine what happiness looks like in our relationships. And no one’s is perfect. Sure functional + nurturing relationships have some similarities:  love, happiness, be faithful, etc. But after that it’s a crap shoot.

SACRIFICE:  you up for it?

The social media post, that your favorite couple didn’t/doesn’t share with you.

What every amazing relationship stat or picture of a happy couple online doesn’t show you is, what it took to get to that moment. The disagreement earlier that day over something as trivial as unloading the dryer. Regularly cancelling one’s plans, to cater to an always busy or gone partner’s schedule. A significant other slow to address disrespectful in-laws, again.

For a society that can be as petty as “not being interested in someone whose text bubble isn’t a certain color” (jokes or not). Can you accept the bad necessary to attain perfect relationship levels? Are you built, to sacrifice the time, energy and pieces of yourself needed to acquire THAT/THEIR situation?


The only relationship goals that should matter = finding someone just as crazy enough to put up with your ass, as you are with them. All in the name of love & happiness. Redefined goals.


Warriors-Cavaliers, Take III: NBA Finals 2017

The wait is over! Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, is tomorrow night at 9pm EST on ABC. And basketball will never be the same, again!!!

Ménage à Trois

As a basketball fan, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hype for this match-up. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? You have without question, the two best teams in the league going head up for all the marbles. And that’s all we can ask for as a sports loving populace, right? Star power across the board. Legacy implications. Future roster construction ramifications (we’re staring square at you Warriors front office). And Draymond Green?

Hell, I might take off June 1st strictly for the culture.

In the 2015 Finals…

The Cavaliers in Lebron’s first year back home in the midwest, fell to the Dubs without the services of Kyrie and Kevin Love. For those who don’t remember Kyrie injured his left knee in OT of the Game 1 loss to GSW. Click here, to see how Kevin Love was Olynyk’d by the nicest guy in the NBA– in Game 4 of the Cavs 1st round playoff matchup w/Boston.

Winner:  Golden State in 6

In the 2016 Finals…

Steph Curry battled a nagging knee injury suffered during the Golden State-Rockets series. And the Dubs also lost Andrew Bogut to injury, during Game 5 of the Finals versus Cleveland. Then there’s the Draymond suspension.

Winner:  Cleveland in 7

In the 2017 Finals…

Two seemingly healthy and equally well rested teams meet up in an unprecedented third straight Finals match-up. With both teams having barely survived the trip back to this point– battling through the tough and arduous gauntlet, that was their respective conferences.

CLEVELAND, 12-1 in the EC Playoffs | GOLDEN STATE, 12-0 in the WC Playoffs

However once all of the pre-tipoff pageantry is done on Thursday, ten players will be left standing on the same court looking to jump ball for the most ultimate of bragging rights. The final quest to being crowned the 2017 NBA Champion. And winner of 2 out of the last 3 versus the other team.

Elite level talent. Uptempo playing styles, centered around ball movement. Characters and two teams who quite frankly know each other like hated divisional opponents at this point.

Then there’s the fact that:

  • THREE of the last FIVE players to win NBA MVP, will be in the starting lineup (7 of the last 10 winners).
  • FOUR of the top FIFTEEN players in the league will be on the same court at the same time (per SI.com2016-17 ALL NBA lists)

PARITY BE DAMNED! But this ___insert choice of colorful expletive here___ should be damn entertaining! Despite Lebron’s insane postseason numbers, give me the Warriors to win the rubber match between these two. A healthy Steph and replacing Harrison Barnes with Kevin Durant, will prove too much for the step back Cleveland has taken defensively.


featured image:  “Lebron James, Kevin Love” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Washington Redskins 2017 NFL Draft

As seen on My 30,000 foot view of the Washington Redskins 2017 NFL Draft:

Washington Redskins 2017 Draft Selections

In looking at the draft haul, the team put a premium on bringing in big, athletic, football players that love to compete. Addressing both team needs and furthering the mindset cultivated during (former GM Scot) McCloughan’s brief tenure. On the heels of the Allen, Anderson and Moreau picks, the team’s 1st fourth round selection Perine, tilts the scales at 233 pounds (30 reps on bench at the combine). And both safety selections are 6’2+ and over 210 pounds. But it’s not just about measurables with this group. As the Skins 2017 draft class graded well, thanks to talent and potential fits.

Washington Redskins 2017 Draft Grades

  • – A-
  • Sports Illustrated – A-
  • Washington Post – B+
  • CSN Mid-Atlantic – B+

Picks 1-3 were all viewed favorably by pundits. But the addition of Perine, is just as big of a reason for the positive outlook. As Samaje left Norman following his junior season as the all-time leading rusher in program history. Breaking the record held by the great Billy Sims. Another notable Sooner back, some guy named Adrian Peterson.

As for the remaining picks, Montae Nicholson oozes potential but lacked consistency at the collegiate level. Sprinkle is an interesting addition to a crowded TE room. Roullier could provide depth or a potential solution on the interior for the future. Davis could surprise as a draft steal for the team. Harvey-Clemons, made the most of a change in scenery (Georgia to Louisville following a dismissal) but has plenty of room to grow. And Holsey provides added competition at nickel.


Redskins 2017 Draft, Looks Familiar


Kingpen Slim “Life After Doubt” (album stream)

Life After Doubt (released: November 11, 2016), is the latest and possibly greatest album/project to date from Uptown DC’s independent heavyweight, Kingpen Slim.

I say possibly greatest, solely because I’ve been a fan of the kitchen magician for a minute. And I don’t throw out grandiose proclamations all wild.

But to be clear…#LAD is dope.

From past projects, Slim has shown himself as an MC that does two things really well. Rhyming and talking that slick shxt. And LAD does not disappoint on either of those fronts. Easily checking both boxes as a complete and cohesive piece of work, from top to bottom. As an unapologetic super fan of his The Beam Up 2 tape, I’m still trying my hardest not to be THAT guy. The stuck in the past listener comparing everything to older work. I mean but keeping it 💯, I use “Big” as an alarm on my phone and “The Win” as my ringtone. But I digress.

Life After Doubt, an homage to iconic hip-hop titles Life After Death (Biggie) x Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z) is a throwback to the type of lyrical storytelling popularized on the mainstream level by the aforementioned projects.

For those scoring at home, Slim has painted a sonic backdrop to memories of the old DC (before heavy gentrification and smarttrip cards). So if you can’t rock with that or your ears are averse to slick wordplay, this is not the project for you.

Since it’s release, the 14-track project with production from Mark Henry, J Buttah and The Directors to name a few, has been reviewed favorably by the likes of The Crew2Dope Boyz, ThatsEnuffBrightest Young Things, Dirty Glove Bastard and Fashion Citizen.

But judge it for yourself.

After the jump, roll thru the album stream + visuals for one of the standouts on #LAD, “Bad Guy”. Thank me later.



Life After Doubt, AVAILABLE NOW! | #LAD #doubtkills

follow Kingpen Slim:
@kingpenslim – twitter
@kingpenslim – instagram

Redskins Coverage |

In April of this year, I began blogging/fan reporting on the Washington Redskins, for a site called Football Drafting.

The opportunity somewhat fell in my lap, at a time when I was beginning to brainstorm how I could set up a full fledged freelance side business.

I mean, talking about my favorite football team, while honing my writing/research/reporting skills– it’s a no brainer, if one ever existed.

Below you will find links to the thirteen (13) articles I’ve penned to date.

If you are a Redskins, NFL or football fan…please click below and let me know what you think. The same goes, if you are searching for a potential freelance writer or guest blogger. You should definitely be able to gain a feel for my writing style– if you haven’t before now.


Summer Over Everything (audio stream)

From somewhere in the land of bowties, Timbs and fudge rounds, comes my latest playlist:

“Summer Over Everything”

The latest installment in my newly coined, what urban radio should sound like series, contains the usual suspects plus some, found on most contemporary urban-leaning radio formats thru the beginning of August 2016.

Current work from DJ Khaled, Kevin Gates, Rihanna, Ro James, Joey BadA$$, Dreezy and Meghan Trainor are a few of the names found throughout the UNEDITED 23-track stream.

#parentaladvisory #notadultcontemporary #urwelcome

[press play after the jump] | MrRLW


KD to Golden State, Deal With It

Kevin Durant has opted to take his talents to the Bay Area (and the professional basketball world has been set on its head once again), yaddadamean! Sorry…

KD, the kid from Seat Pleasant.

4x NBA Scoring Champion.


Olympic Gold Medalist.

He of the greatest Mother’s Day speech of all time and all around good guy, has done the unthinkable. Well at least in the minds of everyone born prior to 1986.

Following the move made by that one guy back in 2010, there is zero reason going forward for any basketball fan to ever be surprised by these types of decisions ever again.

** cough-cough **

In fact going forward, we should be more surprised when big name, big game talents don’t make super team forming moves.

So where does the rubber meet the road here? Why are former and current players, sports talking heads and fans so upset with Kevin?

I’m not one for assuming, so I’ll just give my $ .02 on why I was…disappointed.

For one, I’m old school when it comes to sports. Call it antiquated thinking, but I was raised on you go through whoever’s in your way to get what you want. Secondly, Kevin has been with the same organization since being drafted. But I understand there coming a time, when you may need/want a change of scenery. Lastly, he had a legit superstar beside him in Russ + they had a nice team from top to bottom as support for their star power.

So is there more to the KD + Westbrook dynamic then the public knows? Were previous rumors of tension, in fact legit…and have been all this time?

Only those on the team, within the organization, agents and true insiders will have any real insight.


The squad you had down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals? The team that just broke the regular season record for wins, the 73-9 Dubs? Not the Heat to challenge Bron in the East or a young Celtics squad. Not the Spurs as the latest piece in a retooling effort that has possibly been the most seamless in professional sports history.

But the W A R R I O R S ?

Could you imagine Jordan joining the Bad Boys? C-Webb joining Kobe, Shaq and the Lakers? Hell, LeBron joining KG, Ray + Pierce in Boston?

In my opinion, it’s not so much that he left, but the situation he left and the team he chose to go to. Well, there’s also this tweet from 2010:

Which came during the same offseason where, the original Super Team (the Miami Heat) came together like Voltron. In no uncertain terms, he was viewed as the anti-LeBron to old heads (the other reason why I think this move stung).

Damn, damn, damn Kevin! I mean, good luck to you. All things being equal, I can respect his decision for the same reason I grew to understand James’. When you’ve accomplished everything else in the game, that win at all cost mindset takes over.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Imma go cry in the car with my old man beliefs.



featured image:  “Kevin Durant flag football at Oklahoma State” by KT King is licensed under CC BY 2.0