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I GOT LAYED !!! !! !

Thanks to ms. CANDYACIDREIGN‘s hardwork and professionalism, the new layout has arrived. So what do you think? From blue to grey to red. It’s like a wave of emotions running through the three layouts here on RLW so far.

Blue – the cool
Grey – the clean business-like go-Getter
Red – the antagonist (positive version of course)… stirring the pot, setting things in motion

Kind of a “cleaner” easier on the eye view of the site this time around if you will. Functional toolbar at the top. One main text area. Shoutbox on the side, up top in it’s normal position. We’re up and ready to go. We’re currently sitting on 7 Grizzle and change for site hits in 3 years of operation. Is it possible for us to reach 10 GRIZZLE by the end of ’08? I don’t know… what u think? Hmmm… .. . am I gonna have to do some damn promotional work? Maybe some RLW hosted parties in your city? Some RLW merchandise, hmmm… give aways or something. Cause you know like I know, free shyt is good shyt… .. . YA’DIG?!?!?!?!? Maybe I’m just wylin’ and runnin’ my mouth. Who knows, probably so. Either way, welcome to the new digs. Re-acquaint yourself with everything, and let me know what’s what.

:: Coming up on RLW ::
– new episode of the “Who Left the Water Running” Show
– updates on Running Likwid Writes
– new pictures
– new poetry
– new news

VOTE Running Likwid Works in ’08 cause dammit… we gets it in!!!

So Much 2 Say…

First off… my apologies for not blogging since like 1997. I suck, I know, but it’s okay because I know I do. Has there ever been a sentence with that many “I’s” in it, damn. LoL Since it’s been forever and a day since I blogged, this will be a random updates type of deal. So be warned, I’m about to be ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Let’s Go!

#1. GU
Congratulations to my Georgetown Hoyas! JTIII got us back on track and back in the national spotlight after only 3 seasons. Congrats to Jeff Green (Hyattsville, MD) for winning Big East player of the year, Big East Tourney MVP and Most Outstanding Player in the Region in the NCAA tourney. He disappeared in that Ohio State game though. The only knock on that man is he is TOO unselfish. But if him and big Roy come back next year, with the class we have coming in and the rest of our starting 5 all a year older… .. . UH OH!!! We should be right back in the Final Four again.

#2. So 2 years ago (damn it’s been 2 years), I submitted a manuscript to a publisher to be accepted and hopefully printed. From people I have talked to who have friends who have used this same publisher, and who have read some of my work (my poetry)… it was supposed to be a LOCK for them to accept it and go through with publishing. Well as Charlie Murphy would say… wrongWRONG!!! They rejected it and gave me some off the wall reasoning, that really did not make a lot of sense to me or others that I let read it. BUT whatever. About 2 months ago, I got the go ahead support that I needed from the SPOUSAL UNIT ( I just made up that term ), to go ahead with this new publisher that I had been in light contact with. So all is well, I was moving towards looking over the manuscript prior to submitting… and now .. .


I can’t even give you a legitimate reason. It’s not like I dated my work, to where it only makes sense last year or something. But I think it’s because I’ve been sitting on it for so long, that I don’t know if it’s any good anymore. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens I guess.

#3. At work, we’re all moved into the new office. Moved from 16th Street NW, between K and L Streets… to 15th Street NW, between H and I Streets. Sounds like it’s right around the corner right, well for the most part it kinda is. Only difference is now I’m even closer to the White House. And this morning was the second morning that I’ve had my trip from the train station to the new building (or vice versa) impeded, by a convoy coming up outta that bytch. Now some who are really unknowing, may say, what does that have to do with you. Why can’t you keep walking around it or something. Let me explain. Have you ever seen a movie where they show him in transit and the entourage that he has with him. Yeah… that shyts true.

– at least one or two police cars roll through first to stop all traffic.
– another police car rolls through as the lead
– 2 motorcycle cops
– a black suv
– a black limo
– a black limo
– a black suv
– a black van
– another black van
– 2 more police motorcycles
– and maybe a police car

NOW, the black vans are the key. The first time I rolled up on a street closure for some kind of presidential movement, I’m thinking, “shyt… I’m already late to go pick my son up. C’mon dammit move, how many vehicles do you need, what the hell, c’mon now, SHYT!!!” Then the first black van rolled by with minimal tint on the windows. It was about 8 dudes in there in fatigues and bulletproof vest, holding assault rifles. I shut right the fuck up as if they could hear me cursing under my breath. Even took a step back on the sidewalk. I’ll be damned if ya’ll see my ass on the news zipped in a bag, with some officer talking about, “HE WAS REACHING!” No the hell I ain’t, look… I ain’t got no hands. Ain’t even got no arms, see?

#4. It’s BABY SEASON!!! If you are in Texas, ladies… DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! Congratulations to my girl J and my girl DG, who announced they were pregnant like a couple days apart of one another. And yes, they’re both living in Texas. Congrats to my girl Cat , who just delivered not too long ago. Prayers and positive vibrations go out to my dude Clev and his wife, who are expecting in late May / early June. I forget the date exactly, but my other girl Katrina is currently pregnant and at least halfway through her term I believe. One of my girls from high school is due like any day now. Maaan. Ladies… if you’re feeling fertile (lol), let a brotha know. Fellas, strap up one more time on top of the first. Might cut down on sensation, but dammit, it’s something in the air right now… .. . lol. WRAP IT UP B!!!

And I think that is it, for right now anyway. But don’t go too far, because I have at least one more blog for you. So stay tuned… .. . it’s the one and only RUNNING LIKWID WORKS !!!

======= ey, check this clip from YouTube out I stumbled across yesterday =======

Everything about this clip is all wrong. With the exception of the second dude who rhymes. I don’t wanna say too much about it, because I don’t want to give away the clip. So just give it a look, and holla’back in the comments. Think ANT hipped me to this clip. Good lookin’ out cuz…

03.01.07 UPDATES and SHyyyyyyT


It’s UPDATE Time, so let’s just run it:


ALL NEW!!! Hopefully you all have as much fun with this edition of the RLW Radio.Blog brought to you by DJ I’ceBerg himself, as you did with the last. All 25 of those tracks are gone. That’s right… G – O – N – E !!! In their place, are 36 new tracks for your enjoyment. WHEWWW!!! Yeah I said it, 36! Your local radio stations don’t even play this much uninterrupted heat. You wanna hear some names, let’s see who we have: T.I., Fat Joe, Lloyd, Kelly Rowland, Crime Mob, Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne… I even went and found Lumidee (uh oh).. and quite a few other artists. I’m saying, it’s 36 tracks son.

FYI: I do take requests for the as well, it ain’t no guarantee you’ll hear it here, but it’s possible (get with me near the end of the month for consideration however)

For those who don’t know…

– Fast Forward to the next track – CLICK THE ZAP BUTTON
– Rewind track you’re listening to -CLICK THE BEGINNING OF THE STATUS BAR BENEATH THE SONG TITLE ((I recommend doing this before the song gets to the end of the status bar alotted space, because once it blends to the next song, THAT’S IT! You’ll have to just keep hitting zap until you cycle back thru)).


:: NEW BLOGs :: (click and scroll)
:: NEW H2O :: (pix added to the photo gallery, wedding shot, and new BOOG pix, seeing as he seems to be a hit around these parts)
:: NEW Q & A ::
:: NEW POETRY :: (feel free to submit requests for pieces you would like to see me write as well… always looking for new ideas)

. . .additional site updates to other sections … COMING SOON

:: Personal Updates ::
– I’ve been writing more music lately than poetry . . . ::whistle::
– The recording process for the “Shot in the Dark” mixtape is complete. It’s currently being finalized . . . stay tuned for what that means


:: EXTRA personal fyi ::

The family is cool. They’re driving the misses crazy at work, but she’s maintaining. Everything is cool on the marriage front outside of being tired from the boy’s lack of sleeping. Speaking of the boy… Young Master Boog is inching closer to the terrible two’s. He refuses to sleep through the night in his bed. Boy oh boy is that getting tired. He has at least gotten to the point where when he’s tired around his bedtime, he will tell you. He’ll even pull you into his room for the winding down process. But he just won’t stay sleep… about 1230 every night/morning … he’s crying, we change the diaper put him back to bed after a few minutes and he’ll start crying like 5 minutes later. Afterwards, he just will not stay sleep unless he’s in the bed with us. Say it with me gang… THAT’S THAT BULLSHYT! But other than that he’s cool. I gotta get some video for ya’ll of my boy getting down whenever he catches me watching videos and he hears a beat he likes, cause man Boog be doing it.

Oh… and a trip to Vegas sometime in June (bachelor party) has been added to my travel itinerary for this year, can’t forget to mention that.

Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post. I’ll get up again real soon.


Mr. RLW :: they call’em Y.oung G.O G.ETTA

What’s Been Going On…

. . . hopefully nothing but good. Same’ole same over this way. Working the 9-5 to make that money to give to someone else. Y A W N !!! This will be a short blog. Just a quick site update. . .

Two of our newest sections here on RunningLikwidWorks have finally been updated. Be sure to check out the ::BRIEFCASE:: and ::the CORNER:: sections. Both celebrating their inaugural postings. So when you get some free time, be sure to check those out. Again:

:: the Briefcase :: – is where I put up mini-blogs of what I have going on project wise (writings, signature, avatar, flyer creation, etc.)… or anything else I’m currently working on creatively
:: the Corner :: – is where we spotlight talent (graphic designers, writers, musicians [non-famous, yet], etc.)


+ other goings on +

SUPER BOWL, SUPER BOWL, SUPER BOWL . . . stay tuned for my blog on history being made in Super Bowl XLI

Blog Action. For some interesting relationship type reading, check out Ladessa’s recent blog over on From the comments I’ve read so far, it sounds like a lot of people have been through similar scenarios. Me, myself personally, I’d just smack my boy/girl in the mouth with a bag of paper clips and call it a day. Curious… go check out the blog and see why I would do that. ALSO, check out young Kay’s blog too. Maaan she change layouts more than a lush says, “lemme have another.” Ladies, you may be able to relate to it. Maybe u can drop her some advice or some support in some shape or fashion.

+ life on the HOME front +

– I’d like to wish a speedy recovery to my girl TJ bka ladyDUB. She was in a nasty car accident late last week, but escaped with no life-threatening (altering) injuries. Feel free to stop by her blog and send her best-wishes

– Young Master Boogie, was found to be fighting two days in a role last week. Of course, I don’t know why and they didn’t necessarily have the answer. For the most part, my son is not a bully. He only swings back when he’s bothered. AT THE SAME TIME, I’m not one of those parents that thinks their child is as pure as Angel Soft toilet paper is white. He’s aggressive and hasn’t grasped the idea of sharing yet. So who knows how or why it started, but he was said to have a good day after the fact. So that’s all I care about. That school (Calvary Christian Academy) is a great school. The administration leaves a lot to be desired though. Which is the major reason why I was a little leery of hearing about young sir’s news. But it’s a moooooooooooooooo point now.

– mrs. PL’s grandmother sent Boog a check the other day. Ain’t that bout something. I’m saying can I get a check just cause. I mean we’s family too right. LoL, nah but I mention it because she told the misses, “be sure u take Jai (that’s me) and get him his favorite bottle of likka”

YEAH MAAAN!!! Good looking grandma… ha ha ha ha ha! Oh yeah and by the way, u know I got that blue bottle.

– in the meantime, the misses got the good promotion and pay increase to match @ the occupational jump-off. Congrats baby! Let’s go half on a fresh pair of Timbs for ya’man. LOL!!! Jokes people… Jokes!

– aaah and before that man gets too old to be recognized as a baby. I had to provide a little shine for nephew (80Proof and Lady80’s young stunner), baby80 bka Young Shot Glass aka J-Arrah

Looking good nephew, looking good. Couldn’t have him looking at me like, dang unc… can I get some shine on the site. There u go young sir. LoL


+ … and now … +

As promised. . . the award / prize / gift for’s 400oth visitor:

(( click to enlarge ))

Congratulations to my girl “J” . . . thanks for helping to make RLW. . . . . . RLW


Up next on running likWID WORKS

+ the history being made in Super Bowl XLI

Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post (guess this ended up not being so short after all, my bad). I’ll get up again real soon.


Mr. RLW:: they call’em Young G.O G.ETTA

p.s. – ABRACADABRA HOMES!!! LOL! (finally saw Talladega Nights this weekend, OUT OF CONTROL, lol)

New Year’s Updates

Salutations people. . .

It’s da’KID back once’t’again with some FYI for the frequenters and visitors of the site. Let’s get up in it.

We got some new heat to jump the year off with. New singles from Jay, Nas, Tyrese, Trick Daddy, Shareefa, Jeezy, Bow Wow… just to name a few. As usual, the music in the is normally stuff you hear on the radio now or will hear soon. Or stuff that I think is SERIOUS, that I want to share. It’s a million new songs that are out as well as different genre’s of material that I could include, and you just may get some more of that this year. But for now, it is as it has always been (oh and I do take requests for the as well, it ain’t no guarantee you’ll hear it here, but it’s possible).For those who don’t know…

– Fast Forward to the next track – CLICK THE ZAP BUTTON
– Rewind track you’re listening to -CLICK THE BEGINNING OF THE STATUS BAR BENEATH THE SONG TITLE ((I recommend doing this before the song gets to the end of the status bar alotted space, because once it blends to the next song, THAT’S IT! You’ll have to just keep hitting zap until you cycle back thru)).

– more R&B is at the back end of the blog this month
– be on the look out for the Valentine’s Day blog next month


:: NEW BLOGging ::
Self-explanatory. We’re gonna do our best to be a little more consistent with this in the ’07. But in order to be more consistent with it, I need response and feedback to what I put up, ya’dig?

More episodes of the “Who Left the Water Running” Show. I got nice feedback from the few I did last year (more so off the site then on it, maaan, if you could see my str8face right now). I’m always accepting ideas for topics for me to include in future episodes as well. Just hit me on IM or via email (check the email button down below).

We’ll be continuing to post up select pieces I’ve written in year’s past as well as freestyled pieces str8 off the top of my head to the keyboard. Mixing in a few more lyrical freestyles, and some creative pieces that I’m working on now with pen & paper and HOPEFULLY. . ., the FLOWetic section will continue to be to your liking.

:: NEW Q & A ::
Again self-explanatory. Basically you ask it, I answer it.

:: NEW SITE Features ::
Stay – tuned

As much as I love this current layout and I mean that in all honesty, it’s time for a new one. Hey it’s a new year ya’dig? So RLW’s mistress( 😉 , that’s a play on words, webmistress, and a JOKE. . . lemme just put that out there before someone reads this and thinks they got the scoop, lol) is in the lab now putting the finishing touches on it as you read this. So stay tuned for the new hotness. . . I haven’t seen a glimpse, but I know whose designing it so, yeah it’s gonna be slick.


:: Personal Updates ::
– I been writing (poetry, lyrics, and some other stuff) . . . he he he he he, stay tuned
– New Affiliation with Teq 9 Ent. . . what does that mean . . . stay tuned
– Co-founder and writer (Torrent Press)


:: EXTRA personal fyi :: married life. . . whewww, maaan lemme tell you, lol. Nah it’s cool. Young Master Boog, is cool. Getting close to his terrible 2’s phase and I don’t know if he’s gonna make it to see 3. Stay tuned cause I’ll have stories I’m sure. Rest of my family is good though. Shouts to Wilson, NC . . . Cincinnati, OH . . . Detroit, MI . . . and of course da’Strict, Washington, D.C. And to all of my non-blood related family and friends all over the country and outside of it. . . WHAT’S GOOD!?!?!?!

God bless to the women in my extended family who are on the verge of giving birth this year. For those with some time to go, here’s to as painless and stress-free a remaining timeframe as possible. And to Ms. 80, here’s to a quick delivery once Young Shot Glass, decides he’s ready to come on down in the next day or so.


Say maaan, that’s it and that’s all I got for this post. I’ll get up again real soon.


Mr. RLW :: they call’em Y.oung G.O G.ETTA

RLW… the update


((shout out to the late great David Haines, WPGC’s own, “burnt toast and coffee time” newsman))

RLW. . . , it’s a movement in the making. Far more than just a website. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get into the updates.


+ NEW MUSIC. We try to keep it moving over here man. Exclusives, tracks from the new hotness to be released and that has recently been released, with some occassional extras thrown in. This edition of the takes a hard turn hip-hop wise. Young Buck’s, “4 Kings” . . . 8ball & MJG’s, “Turn Up the Bump” . . . Xzibit’s, “Concentrate” . . . Lupe’s, “American Terrorist,” just to name a few. Of course, we had Jay’s new single (“Show Me What You Got”) before all of the tv stations and most radio stations did. Along with another single, “Kingdom Come.” There’s another single floating around now called “Lost One’s,” but I might be stingy and just keep that one to myself. Don’t ask me why, hell I don’t know. LoL! New single off of Diddy’s album, featuring Keyshia Cole, some Luda, some Janet and some other stuff. . . hey didn’t want to keep it all hip-hop. So we doing it real big right now.

+ New additions in the FLOWetic section. That’s self-explanatory. Go check it out when u get a minute or two.

+ New questions answered in the LIKwid Libations (Q&A) section. We’re two questions away from 300. Ya’ll some nosey mofo’s son, lol. It’s all good though, cause I love it. Keep’em coming.

+ . . . and the Guestbook, it still works by the way. And there are a LOT of people who have yet to sign it, *ehem* don’t make me name name’s.

+ Currently in the beginning stages of discussing site (aesthetic) updates, with RLWebmistriss. So just stay tuned for that.



+ Well for those people who have been riding with me for 2+ years (before the site), you know that I have been trying to get my first official book of poetry published. I say first official, because I already have one done, but there’s only one copy (“When a Man Loves a Woman”). So we count that one, but we don’t at the same time. I’ve made a nice number of connections over the years and have people that have been waiting for a book from me for a while now. No bullshytting, there are a few in particular that have been pushing me for years to keep at it until it was done. And that’s big, because I have been known to let things slide from boredom. So nuff respect to my girl Nampombe, and Cicily. No matter when or for how long we may have lost contact over the YEARS, you two always made sure that I kept grinding to get this book done. Wow, I guess BlackPlanet was good for something after all. Nuff respect to the countless other people who have supported my vision as well in any and all capacities. With that said. . .


Fuck you very much PublishAmerica. It’s a print on-demand publisher. I’ve already spoken to a publishing consultant from the company, had my questions answered, talked about what it would cost me and yadda-yadda-yadda. So yeah it looks good right now. It’s not a done deal that this is who I will use. But I have a good feeling about this one. There’s one more company I want to check into further, before I make my decision, but I’m as close as I’ve ever been. Of course I retain all rights to the book, and it’s a flexible deal where I can discontinue service with them whenever I so choose. And the book comes with me. They don’t keep any rights to it at that point (that was the most eye-catching piece of news she offered me). So if I do go with this unnamed printer (don’t want to jinx anything), my book should be ready to go by April of ’07. Hell, I could have three done and ready to go by ’08. There’s four books after this one waiting in my head to be worked on. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

+ Novel. Yep, it’s finally bitten me. My experience working with Channel 69, a subsidiary of the one and only EIGHTH HOUSE, has led me to turn my on-line tv show, “Y.ou W.ho I A.m” into a novel. I’m not even going to try to put a date on this here for completion. It’ll happen when it happens. But I have started working on it. For now, it’s untitled. Stay tuned for further updates.

+ Music. Another one of my babies is songwriting. I haven’t invested that much time into it, mainly for fun but I have penned a couple songs, one for a good friend of mines (TP, let’s go!!!). I’m not getting on that song Ja, it ain’t happening. I wrote it, you did what you did with it, switched up the melody and I’m sure it will sound crazy when you lay it down. But my job is done with it, lol.

But I was in the studio last week, laying a hook for one of my man’s, shout to da’homie Rrice. He came up with this insane track, let me hear it and I just started writing to it. He kinda caught me off guard when he asked me to get my Nate Dogg on, for the track. But I said fuck it, y not. So yeah we got up. . . I did that. And yeah, when my dude Clev drops his verse and it gets mixed and mastered. . . da’Kid will be on his first song. Go figure.

+ And there’s one other thing that I’m working on. But I’ve given you enuff info. for now. But uhhh, yeah I will be doing something with that as of the first of December (got confirmation for the first weekend of the month, so yeah).

I’M WORKING MAAAN. . . more like hustling. Gotta keep it moving ya’dig?


That’s basically it for the updates that are going on with the RLW movement for the time being. Just some quick shout-outs and tidbits. All thanks to the Almighty Most High, for getting my man Clev’s wife through her surgery safe and sound. I wish Lady Clev nothing short of a speedy and effective recovery. CONGRATULATIONS to my dude Lexarian. BellSouth is getting a PROfessional, they have no clue. Here’s to an “as long as it’s supposed to be,” productive relationship between and your new j-o-b. Happy coding Ladessa. I’m sure that site that you are working on for that company is gonna come out splendid. Why don’t you go ahead and break me off a $1.00 for some Doritos or something 😉

To anyone working on anything. . . I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is. Just keep grinding. You ain’t gotta be a Bad Boy, to say “can’t stop. . . won’t stop,” ya’dig? Let’s ALL make it happen.

Oh yeah. . . and A – T – L, prepare for the INVASION, T – minus 3 weeks and counting.

:: respect ::

– up next. . . maaan, just stay tuned. We have a busy day in “How’s It Flowing” land.

. . . a little F Y I

W H A T is the good word people? Seems like forever in a day since I holla’d. Guess you can say I’ve been busy over the past few weeks. Actually, it’s been a busy summer altogether. But either way, we’re back in the game on RLW.


– New Music in the from:: Omarion, Beyonce’, Robin Thicke & Obie Trice, to name a few. Remember to hit ZAP, to skip thru the songs until you find one you want. And PAUSE, to stop the music altogether, or just turn your volume down.

– New posts in FLOWetic:: three older pieces making their debut on RLW, along with the introduction to the all new “fresh off the top” series, which will be freestyles over beats to songs either in the or songs in heavy rotation on most radio stations across the country or just very well-known songs. The “fresh off the top” series is open to any person who stops thru RLW to add-on to the song I may have flowed over, if they see fit.


– the guestbook is open, and ready to be SIGNED… HINT-HINT
– and feel free to come thru and reply reply reply to anything else on the site. Feel free to tell a friend (( shout out to the RLW Usual Suspectz ))

That’s it and that’s all. Hit me when u get me. . .

Monday Musings and yadda yadda yadda . . .

HAPPY DRY MONDAY to all of you.

If you live on the east coast, then more than likely ya’ll got some rain this weekend. Some spots worse than others. Hopefully everyone did their best to stay as dry as possible. Let’s GO!!!



THE MUSIC ON THE RADIO BLOG : for those who just slide through the site for a hot second, you may hear the same song all the time. Or you may come by to read, and not want to hear the music at all. Here’s the solution. The [ZAP] button on the blog, will switch you over to the next song. You can push it as many times as you like. It will cycle through all the songs that I have in the blog. There are around ten of them. Or if you just want to stop the music, hit the [PAUSE] button. Once or twice should do it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd, if you want to back a song up to repeat it. Click near the beginning of the blue progress bar, and it will take the song back to that point.

THE GUESTBOOK : It’s been up and running for about a week or so. So come on through and let a brotha know that you stopped through.

SITE UPDATES : In the next week or so, there should be a new add-on to one of the buttons at the top of the page. As if you didn’t know or get to know enough about me already. Now there will be a new way to get to know da’Kid. That’s all I’m saying. AYE!


And with all of that said, I will be leaving you with this

The Bishop and the Donkey

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it
won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey
that he entered it in the race again, and it won
again. The local paper read: …..


The Bishop was so upset with this kind of
publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter
the donkey in another race. The next day, the local
paper headline read:


This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered
the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor
decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The
local paper, hearing of the news, posted the
following headline the next day:


The Bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she
would have to get rid of the donkey,so she sold it
to a farmer for $10. The next day the paper read:


This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered
the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the
plains where it could run wild. The next day the
headlines read:

Alas, the Bishop was buried the next day.

Being concerned about public opinion can bring you
much grief and misery and even shorten your life.
So, be yourself and enjoy life .. stop worrying
about everyone else’s ass and you’ll live longer
and be a lot happier!

Making Moves Monday

Welcome back to the show people. RLW starts… NOW!

RLW :: the pen
I have gotten back on my grind in terms of shopping my manuscript for T.urn O.n the F.aucet, once again. The new publisher I’m looking at, BookSurge, a subsidiary of Now the obvious benefits with this particular publisher, their affiliation with Amazon. As far as communication back and forth with me, they’ve been extremely quick with their replies to my questions. They laid me out a plan that they see as being the best suited to my needs. Sent me an example of their kind of options offered. The whole nine. Now I’m not going to say it sounds to good to be true. But it does sound rather good. So why have I not decided to go with them? Well, the dollar amount they’re asking. Now I’m sure that what they are offering would probably be considered a deal by industry publishing standards (self-publishing), but at this present time… I just can’t swing it. I talked it over with my fiancée and she told me that it’s something I could probably shoot for next year. I can admit, it’s not what I was trying to hear, but hey we all need a voice of reason at times.

Possible way around that… GORILLA PUBLISHING. Which I have been contemplating quite a bit since Saturday. More news on that to follow.

RLW :: the beats, rhymes and times
This past Friday, there was a bachelor party, for one of my boys that’s getting married this Friday. Well his man, the dude that put the whole thing together (Rrice you da’man), is a producer as well as an artist (lyricist). What’s crazy is, when we were all getting ready to leave, he asks me am I trying to do some recording. I can say left field… can you? That was the last question I was expecting. Because A. I’m no ARTIST and B. I’ve never said anything to him about recording. With that being said, I said what I said, he said what he said, told me to get with my man Clev and we can go from there. I had one artist in mind when he mentioned it. But now that I think about it again, make that 2 artists. Although I do have an idea for something I want to get done in the studio. But… shhhhhhhhhhh… is the word on that.

New Artist to work with…?

Making my rounds briefly this weekend, I came up on an artist here in the DC Metro area (female), looking for music. To be more exact, she’s looking for beats and music composition. Da’Kid don’t make beats (too bad for the industry), but I can arrange a song. So again… we’ll see what comes of that. I’ll keep you posted. I’m actually about to contact her today. Phrase of the day… MAKE MOVES!


‘Dessa strikes again!!!

Thanks to the wonderfully hardworking miss, the FLOWETIC portion of my site is up and running. For old as well as new readers of me, this is where you can see the lines that are painted in my mind. I have decided to start out by putting up some older pieces, to kind of give a background if you will, to my style of writing. Also, to hopefully show the different topics I entertain with my fingers.


So for those who are into poetry, please click on :: FLOWETIC :: at the top of the page and go check out my offerings. Reply where you see fit, and don’t be a stranger. I’ll be attempting to keep posts flowing through there. Also before I forget, I’m always looking for new topics to write on. So if you ever have a personal request or would like to see a piece with a certain spin, head over to the Shoutbox and let me know. ACT NOW, WHILE THIS OPTION IS FREE. Just joking. Or am I? LOL…