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“Postgame Pass” – BOOK REVIEW

Postgame Pass: Access to the Life, by Jill Munroe is a riveting cautionary tale, of the fast life of today’s modern day professional male athlete.

It details stories of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, Pac-Man, gambling, violence, dragons and the incomparable Robin Givens.

And as over the top as the above statement reads, only a very small percentage of it is false. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that.

In the book, Jill speaks to a few different audiences, in what one could frankly describe as a manual for all interested stakeholders, involved in the day to day off the field dealings of big time American professional athletes.

From young soon to be pros (w/aspirations to become a recognizable brand), to their wives/girlfriends, to aspiring fun girls hoping to become reality TV stars to those regular people that keep VH1 + Bravo’s ratings so high– there really is something in it for everyone.

Now for the pure sports fan who only cares about what’s going on on gameday or the necessary training and discipline needed…this book is NOT for you. However, you should really be able to discern that from the title. But alas even for those types, what you can gain, is a greater appreciation for what your favorite athletes have to go thru on a day to day basis. Because nothing is ever as cut and dry as it seems (i.e. why two teammates seem to suddenly have a problem with one another, and can no longer co-exist).

My favorite parts of the book:

  • Time-Outs- true stories/situations involving players recounted for poignancy to that point of the book (w/names changed unfortunately lol)
  • Chapter 4- Recycling, Chapter 7- Zero to One Hundred Real Quick, and Chapter 15- Exit Strategy
  • the glossary- a number of these terms I was familiar with prior to reading, but others not so much (for fun, read thru the glossary and then go to a pro athletes timeline on twitter and scan it…#thankmelater)
    • my new favorite terms that I can not use loosely in public *cough-cough*:  HoFax, Slash

My take:

All in all, Postgame Pass is a quick, easy and entertaining read. And would make a nice stocking stuffer for anyone who is into the life (off the field, glitz, glam, drama and trappings) of today’s milennial athlete. Initially, the book begins very “listy”. Meaning there’s a lot of, this is this, that is that, type of info. Yet after I finished it, I went back to the beginning and re-read the first couple chapters and better understood why things were presented in that fashion.

As a life long junkie of all things sports, I enjoyed it. And a number of the Time-Outs, had me thinking back long and hard to past rifts between players– in an attempt to figure out who the author was talking about. Additionally, we won’t even discuss the things I actually have done on social media, that athletes + celebrities do (according to this book). But I swear, I didn’t do it for the same reasons…well not the exact same reasons.

Without giving too much away, you’ll just have to read the book to understand. I will simply say this…”birdcall” lol.




Follow the author:
Jill Munroe (StilettoJill on most platforms) – “ESPN meets Sex & the City”

twitter: @StilettoJill | instagram: @StilettoJill | youtube: StilettoJill | facebook: JocksandStilettoJill




I’m cheating on my…

…site and I don’t feel all that bad.

Well maybe a little.

Last month, I began blogging for Haute Hipsters Media, a communications and branding boutique agency based out of the DC area.

During the re-branding and subsequent re-launch of the website earlier this summer, the company’s owner TaKeyia Monique, decided to include a blogging component to the imprint– with focuses on music, sports, fashion and relationships.

Guess which one I chose?

So far, two pieces have been posted (links below) in “The MANual” and another one is in the pipeline, and should be posted soon. If you’re familiar with me and my writing style, you know what to expect. An honest, fair view on whatever the topic is, with just a touch of comedy…yet always real.

To wrap, continue to check the site here at, for all of my regular content. But also support what I have going on over at HHM as well. They seem to have something nice flowing over there. I’m just spreading my wings a little bit and tagging along for the ride.



“The MANual” | #HauteApprovedRelationships




Text Me, So I Know It’s Real

Remember passing notes in class back in the day to someone you liked?

Do you like me? Check [ ]YES [ ]NO [ ]MAYBE

BRUH! Those days are beyond gone. And I shutter at the thought of my 8yo dating some day. Text messages, facebook drama and screencaps, oh my.

But think about it. When you were younger, you really were good w/just having someone to call your girlfriend or your boyfriend. You two might go to the mall in big groups and go to the movies or on big trips…like the school’s annual visit to an amusement park.

Holding hands, MATCHING, lapping up in the back of the bus. The latter was considered big sh!t…DIGRESSION!

Taking all that into account and factoring in, just how much more advanced in situations the youths of today, find themselves in. Kids just seem to end up in far more precarious positions than we did at the same age. A lot of that could be avoided with simple common sense, but that’s not what this is about.


Roxanne, Roxanne, can’t you understand?
Roxanne, Roxanne, I wanna be your man

Roxanne Jones, a founding editor of ESPN The Magazine and a former vice president at ESPN, penned an op-ed for CNN a few weeks ago titled– “Young men, get a ‘yes’ text before sex“.

The piece was written from the perspective of a mother, unafraid to have discussions about sex with her son (and also his friends)–a lost art in today’s society. A woman who thanks to her prior position, has heard first hand of the depths many successful male athletes go, to steer clear of entrapment from greedy capitalistic women. And speaking frankly, many regular men of differing ages are susceptible to similar plots.

Now I won’t delve too far into her write-up, because I feel it warrants the perusal of each adult individual, especially those of you who are parents. And from there, draw your own conclusions on whether you agree/disagree/at least see where she’s coming from. But I will say, that IMO there is some merit to where I believe she’s going with this.

Can something as simple as a text, make a difference if an incident arises? After all, any one can decide last minute not to go through with something. Is the possible protection a text could provide greater, than the additional villainizing fodder of the female victim in said incident?

What are your thoughts?



No Glove Love

** I may need security **

I was on the train this morning (orange line to Vienna), and this young girl that could be no more than sixteen at the most, got on with an infant.

Now of course teen pregnancy, is far from a new phenomenon. In fact it’s fairly safe to say it’s somewhat of an expected norm to a degree, but it did make me wonder– what “spoken” act set that particular reality in motion?

False promises. BS claims. Subconscious desire for something else. What?

Now, I’m not looking to try and solve the teen pregnancy epidemic that has been what it is, for decades. But moreso, just trying to gain some semblance of understanding. Is it as simple as a negative manifestation of something lacking from a young woman’s upbringing? Or is it a young woman just making a reckless decision? Even with the countless examples of young mother’s:  in their personal lives (friends), maybe family members or just seeing it in movies and TV–what would lead one to still make a decision that could place them in the position of caring for another life, when they themselves have not lived?

I totally get that people make mistakes everyday. However how do you explain those instances that are repeated by the same party? I don’t know. In the end it’s a truly sad state of affairs. Especially in less affluent neighborhoods, because babies raising babies, more often than not– does not work well. And only leads to an increased number of the social ills we see daily in those same locales.

Now of course we’ve all heard about how powerful WORDS are. They can make your day, just as easily as they can ruin it. So does it come down to what one hears and when they hear it? Is it the energy and effort placed behind those words (and who utters them) that make all the difference? Or is that too simplistic of a view and it’s in fact deeper than that?

What do you think? Feel free to speak on this in any capacity…




:: random quotes relating to  pregnancy, I’ve come across while thinking on this ::

“self worth often lies at the end of a mans orgasm” <<< I wish I could remember where I read this. Because this is a frighteningly potent statement, that I feel holds a lot of weight
“brains and beauty have NOTHING to do with common sense”
“whos going to turn down good raw cooch”

Screencap Deez

Social media is here to stay, we all know this.

In it’s purest form, it provides a lot of positives when used for the greater good.  And on the flip side, it provides a platform for a lot of negativity.  And we won’t even mention how it’s made the most insignificant motherfuckers regular people feel as though they’re important.

In keeping with that negative angle, let’s give it up one time for the genius that decided to give cellphones screenshot capability.

BECAUSE SHIT HAS GONE DOWNHILL EVER SINCE B! You can’t go a couple days w/o seeing a screenshot used as a ploy to entertain/blackmail/embarrass someone nowadays.

screen·shot noun \ˈskrēn-ˌshät\

: an image that shows the contents of a computer display

Screenshots, used to be used at work to show someone in another location what their coworker was seeing on their screen.  And that still is the case to a lesser degree. But nowadays it’s moreso used in this capacity:

And this is a non-malicious example. Now I can’t front, these “autocorrect” joints are funny as hell, as are the lighthearted convos shared amongst friends. But I like the odds that if you are reading this post, that you’ve been made privy to some celebrity or someone you know being put all the way out there.  For some completely random reason.

Do cell convo screenshots have a place?  Of course, because sometimes you do need proof of an occurence.  But that doesn’t explain throwing up shots of entire convos strictly because you just want someone to believe that some random stranger on instagram asked if he could stick a straw in your butt…what’s really the point of that?  Get over yourself, really.

The worst though IMO, is when groupies/jump-offs/insert preferred colloquialism here, sends entire screenshot conversations between themselves and celebs (most commonly athletes) to bloggers.  And their quoted explanation always starts w/this line, “I wanted people to know how he really is.”


Stop it, lol. You know you are just looking for the slightest “in” to hopefully get your twitter count up, couple more LIKES on IG, maybe even get a few more inquiries from other blogs. Ooh, maybe a Hot97 interview.  And maybe, just maybe if you’re lucky…Bravo or VH1 will have someone get in contact with you about a show that will do it’s damnedest to continue to set your gender back an immeasurable amount.

But in all seriousness, now:

  • The thirsty can’t thirst in peace anymore.
  • The messy gossiper, can’t spread rumors freely anymore.
  • The new age dboy can’t even say, “I’m selling dope… straight off the iPhone” (word 2 the great American philosopher, ROZAYYYY!) anymore.

And that ain’t right, let those folks and their McStruggle shine. IDK, things are so crazy right now, it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how you all put up with this. And the negative implications on dating during the social media and screencap/screenshot renaissance period, oh my damn! Chalk it up to yet another reason I’m glad I’m married.

Shit, women today would hate a single version of me. Because I wouldn’t text shit. I still believe in voicemail (short messages, “Hey call me, if you want”) and I’m a fan of pay phones. Talk to me in person, screenshots are for suckers.

To conclude, life clearly has become totally monotonous and mundane for far too many, when screencapped conversations are how you all entertain yourselves.  Pick up a remote, go to the movies, PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN, play in traffic.  Something.  We’ve got to do better people.


quick parting shotsThere is a very good possibility that men do this as well, and if so… yikes!!!  But the majority (actually every) negative instance of screenshot airing out, that I’ve seen has been done by a woman.  So plz any new readers of the site, do not comment saying that I’m another woman basher.  Because that is the furthest from the truth.


I got you.

It’s amazing how impactful three words can be. Not “I love you” powerful, but they still make a statement.

Two way streets work the best between 5:30 and 6:00 am during the weekday. When people can move about freely, without fear of congestion.

SUPPORT is without question a two way street. ideally, works like a two way street– yet in reality is more of a one way lane during rush hour with cars double parked in front of all side streets.

And as fucked up as this truth is, it will never change because there will always be someone who is the “bigger/better” person, who chooses to support any and everything that they deem worthy. But for how long?

Personally, I want the best for everyone that walks this earth– as long as their wishes don’t infringe negatively on others. Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a cumbaya moment waiting to explode off of your screen. I am also a creative person and in such, am attracted to creativity in all forms.

[ wanting the best for people x loving anything creative = YOU GET MY SUPPORT ]

I also ride extra hard for my people and as long as it’s legal, if you (an associate or friend) are doing something…I got you. I’m going to be there for you in some way, if not every way. I consider myself a true supporter.

The problem of which I’ve seen in my travels both on and off line in regards to true support is, it’s not reciprocated. There are (and will always be) those who want support for this/that, yet whenever they get it and their moment has passed…you never hear from them again. It’s as though a sinkhole opened up and they fell smooth inside that bitch of it.

The good thing for them however is, the existence of the TRUE SUPPORTER. A true supporter, for the sake of this entry, is someone who backs something with no thoughts of reciprocation. There is no “what’s in this for me”, portion of their program. They’re either all in for whatever the project is, because they like it (it’s potential). Or, your play is backed because of association. Sometimes both. It’s just how their brain works, how they move.

So what’s the real inspiration for this topic of discussion, you may ask?

Well to be quite frank, the lack of support from a number of folks on probably the biggest venture I’ve undertaken in my life to date. It’s one thing to witness from afar an issue like this. But it’s totally different, when it’s in your face and it actually involves you.

And this isn’t an attempt to call those persons out (although I am talking directly at a few people in particular and if anyone reading this does feel some kinda way, cool). It’s moreso just my way of saying, “oh now I get it”. I see where things stand.  Cool, thanks for the heads up.

Ponder this. Some supporters see fraudulent behavior and respond (or not) in kind. And not to toot my own horn, but there aren’t a lot of people out here like me (there’s a free double entendre in there somewhere).

[ new projects x dwindling amounts of support from people you actually know = FAILURE ]

In conclusion…do not read this entry and email/text/IM/FB or G-chat me, trying to explain yourself. Because I’ve already counted you as those to not expect anything from. We’re good, seriously.

Now I can’t speak for anyone else, you may have solicited support from in the past and not reciprocated the action towards.

Food for thought.

In WTF news: A “300” sequel?

I’m having palpitations.

My breathing is real spotty.

Why do I feel all uneasy on the inside?

Replacing King Leonidas, impossible.  Gerard Butler could be cast in a new film adaptation of MOSES, in the role of JESUS, and it would not be as good as his rendition of the fabled Spartan king.

With that said, I’m putting every ounce of my faith in Zach Snyder to deliver here.  Talk about some news I was not expecting to float across my desk this morning.  I’m so hype, I don’t even care that I have to wait until 2014 for this one.

Check the trailer for, “300:  Rise of an Empire” after the jump.  In the meantime, I’m going to the hospital to ask for a morphine drip.


March 28, 2013

ONE WEEK ( + a day ago)

The persistence and dedication of a fledgling branding company, was proven to be more than worthwhile as the new lifestyle brand “PB&J“, was officially introduced to the world.

Formulated under it’s parent company Eternally Classic, LLC… PB&J in it’s essence is a “feel good” brand.  One that hangs it’s hat on the promoting of positivity, originality, fun and the occasional reflection on all things dope and classic from the past.

Since last updated here at– PB&J’s head of marketing, Levar McFarlane established an opt-in newsletter to accompany the brand’s presence on Facebook leading up to the official launch date of March 20, 2013 (#MARCHtwenty13).  A move made to further enhance the relationship between the brand and it’s fans (referred to as “FANmily”), while also providing for a more direct avenue for future communications.

The OFFICIAL first offering from the line AVAILABLE NOW at, is the “PB&J Logo tee”.  Available in both black & white for men and women, plus an additional charcoal grey alternative for the ladies.

When asked why newcomers to the brand should not only support it, but visit and bookmark the PB&J website, Lex, the companies CEO and Creative Director had this to say:

“Once our summer line drops…EVERYTHING will be an exclusive.  Straight limited editions, now u see it…now u don’t…and when you don’t, you’re gonna have to wait ’til the next show.”

So in other words, make sure to check out the blog posts and subscribe to the newsletter if you haven’t already.  It’s the best way to stay up to date on new products, company news, discounts and more.

Spring has gotten off to a rocky start, but something tells me we are about to experience one hell of an #ETERNALLYCLASSIC year.  Stay tuned folks.

Eternally Classic LLC, presents… PB&J
website | twitter | facebook | instagram


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Ne-Yo – “Lazy Love” (Official Video)

For those that don’t know, I’m a stupid fan of music.

In keeping with that, I’m a sucker for a good slow jam.  Blame my sign I guess, I don’t know.

I am also a big fan of Ne-Yo’s.  As a singer/performer/as well as songwriter.  I just think the dude is a helluva talent.

So when you combine a slick slow jam (that’s well written) with an artist I’m a fan of… you get a recipe for me posting your video here on the site.  Now this isn’t a video to the “explicit” degree of Raheem DeVaughn’s, “She’s Single”, off of his 2010 Jackin 4 Beats mixtape, because… YOUNG! Radio Rah is still the man for that one. But the video for “Lazy Love” does not disappoint.


For those curious, there is a slightly more tamed version being played on TV, but the good people over here at Running Likwid Works, prefer thees one.

I’m just saying.


PENETRATION: Interview w/a Sex Columnist

Let’s talk about sex!!!

I’m going to go ahead and say “you’re welcome” in advance for this one, LOL. Once again in an attempt to better connect with the RLW frequenters, regulars and happenstance visitor, I’ve decided to stretch the limits of the blogs prior existence.

This is the first INTERVIEW interview, in RLW history and if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty good first shot (subject matter wise). Ladies & gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Geri C. A writer, blogger, former CORE model (recently retired) from the Washington DC area. From the articles/postings of varying topics of hers she’s shared with her readership, let’s just say that I’m a fan of her delivery, lol. Enough of that though, here’s the interview. Let’s see if you can figure out what I mean:

RLW: Sex. If you had to, how would you define it? The non-Webster’s dictionary, definition. What is sex to/for you?

Geri C: Sex is a pleasurable energy that relieves every bad moment in your life. It brings two spirits together as one. Sex should be surrounded by an aura of passion. Without passion there is no such thing as sex.

RLW: In regards to your column, what sets it apart from others that exist? How would you describe the advice/insight that you provide to your readers? How long have you been doing this?

Geri C: What sets my column apart is that I speak to my readers as if I’m sitting face to face with them. I want everything I say to be completely honest. Whether I’m cursing or talking about the benefits of a stiff dick; I want it to be real! The advice/insight I provide to my readers is very blunt. I don’t sugar coat anything. I have a “tell it how it is” attitude. I’ve been writing my sex column since 2006 but I grew up learning a lot about sex. That is one thing my mom never hid any facts on, lol!

RLW: Have you received any flack or side-eye’s from any of your friends, family or co-workers, because of your column?

Geri C: Of course I have from some. They judge certain topics I write about. I don’t let it bother me because this is what I love to do. It’s not for everyone to understand or accept. As long as my mother doesn’t say anything then I’m good. She actually promotes my site to her co-workers and helps me with topics to write about. I have a really good support system. I’m grateful for that.

RLW: When you think about your column, do you get as much out of writing it (therapy, fun, etc.), as your readers do? Do you just like talking about sex, is that it, lol?

Geri C: I love writing for people who can relate to me. Society has a way of making women feel like whores if they want to suck a guys dick and have him stick it in her ass afterwards. I use to try and block out certain feelings because of what others might think. Those days are over! I love being myself which is a sexually free woman. The labels don’t bother me. My readers make me feel even more comfortable in my skin because we are so similar. It feels good to know that there are people that can relate to me out here in this world. I love seeing comments from readers that share my point of view. It is amazing!

RLW: I definitely can understand that sentiment. So I’m a fairly regular reader of your column, but for those that aren’t, what topic would you say is the one that has received the most attention/feedback? And why do you think it has gotten the attention that it has?

Geri C: Anal sex, is the number one topic on my site. I think so many people want to try it but are nervous and scared. They just don’t know what to expect. I tried to give them the easiest steps to achieve this but so many readers still have questions for me. I have to remind them to not let their fear stand in the way. Fear in the bedroom holds a lot of couples back from being themselves.

RLW: What’s the one complaint about men, that you hear the most from women?
What’s the one complaint about women, that you hear from men?

Geri C: Men don’t multi-task enough. Women can be very complex when learning the do’s and don’ts to turning them on. The perfect way to get over this hump is by multi-tasking. When your fucking her from the back try playing with her clit at the same time. Women love a man that can think outside of the box and go the extra mile.

Women don’t like to give head. Some think they will get throat cancer and others just don’t like the idea of a dick being in their mouth. I always tell women that giving head is a craft that you have to work at. Without practice you will not get any better. Excuses don’t take away from the fact that many men love getting head. Just take your time and learn what he likes. The perfect way to know exactly what kind of way to suck his dick is by watching him jerk off.

+ Top 5 Questions submitted from Readers +
1. What’s the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm?

Even though I love both there is a difference. A clitoral orgasm is when a woman can achieve a full blown orgasm without a man’s dick entering her pussy. She only makes contact with her clit. When I masturbate I only play with my clit. I never enter my pussy. Vaginal orgasms are when your fucking a guy and he continuously hits your g-spot. He might even mess with your clit too. It really just depends on who you’re dealing with.

2. How do you give good head without choking?

By using your tongue and the roof of your mouth more. Being able to deep throat is a talent everyone isn’t capable of performing. You have to suck his dick to the best of your abilities. I always say practice makes perfect! Always push your limitations further and never get comfortable. With these steps you could become a deep throatin pro!

3. What’s the “proper way” to introduce anal into the bedroom conversation?

There is no proper way. A woman will tell you if she likes that or not. I’d test her by sticking a finger in her ass to see how she reacts to it.

4. I read some years ago…that females who have unprotected sex with men fall in love faster than guys who use condoms, due to a secretion men give off from their “pre-cum” and it attaches to the walls of the vagina…i wanted to know how true that was?

I don’t think that is true. There is just a major difference in fucking a guy without a condom. You can actually feel the warmth of his dick between your legs. When a guy wears a condom you can’t really feel shit but the rubber. That’s why a lot of females are in relationships; they love a dick with no rain coat. If you’re not committed to someone you better wear a condom.

5. Straight men watching gay porn, what’s your take?

They are curious. I feel like they may have had thoughts about it, but just don’t wanna go thru with it.

[Bonus Question]

What’s one thing men (and women) need to start or stop doing, sexually?

+ Men- need to stop letting women bitch them in the bedroom. Get some control while fucking her.
+ Women- need to be more open minded in the bedroom. They worry about the labels way too much. Its time to blossom sexually.


[Parting Shots]

“I just want to thank Running Likwid Works for taking the time to interview me. Also I would like to S/O every person that never frowned their face up because of my column. I receive so much support and I’m proud of that. Make sure you check my column out on”


I would like to thank, AGAIN, Ms. Geri C for doing me a solid and blessing with her presence. She’s been nothing short of very accomodating ever since I came up with the idea to bring her brain over to my domain (sorry, couldn’t help myself, lol). But no all jokes aside, I personally never get tired of reading this woman’s opinion on all things sex-related because she does so with no fluff whatsoever. Just straight no chaser commentary. The best way to get to it in my opinion.

Click the links below, to visit her column and read thru all of her prior articles– as well as to follow her on twitter. FYI, new columns from Geri C., can be found on her site every Tuesday afternoon @ 4pm.

Geri C: Sex Column
@Geri_C (twitter)

CLICK x READ x SUBSCRIBE x FOLLOW x SUPPORT … just don’t be no b!tch in your approach.  She might not take to kindly to that, lol.

Consider this an introduction.  Because we barely scratched the surface with getting into Ms. Geri and how she really and truly gets down.  So make sure to hit her up and ask questions, she gets back to everyone.  And depending on the feedback maybe we’ll have to do this again and dig deeper.  You all decide and let me know.