The Minutiae of Negativity…(issa rant)

All of the ills that exist in a day and age, where answers and/or the means to find them, are literally at our fingertips. And we, as a people, are content to still fight amongst ourselves…

My boy got pulled over…

There is a legit fear felt by individuals of color in this country for the police. Not a healthy respect, but a feeling of terror that at any moment any interaction can go sideways

Glamourina: A New Choice in Athleisure Wear

Glamourina is an online athleisure apparel store founded in Washington, DC. Co-founders Kia Renee and Nekol Choo created the brand with women of color in mind. An underrepresented group in the fitness apparel market.

National Nurses Week – May 6-12, 2017

National Nurses Week running from May 6-12, is a time set aside to acknowledge an often ignored section of the American workforce. From schools to clinics, hospitals to battlefields, nurses serve in any number of capacities as frontline stewards. Helping to maintain or regain one’s optimal health. Every patient and medical situation calls for a different course […]

Stay Woke…but unplug occasionally

if we as individuals don’t allow ourselves opportunities however small, to exhale and experience some form of normalcy– we will burn out and be worthless to any cause

“Postgame Pass” – BOOK REVIEW

Postgame Pass…details stories of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, violence, dragons and the incomparable Robin Givens.