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Ohhh Cam…


Don’t explain yourself to me (yeah…dum-dum-diddy, and all that there).

The great thing about blogging, when it’s not attached to some larger imprint, is you can respond to things when you want– not when you have to.

By now, we all know that the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in #SB50 aka “The Big Game” (for those who do not wish to be sued for copyright infringement).

We all also know that this year’s NFL MVP, one Cameron Jerrell Newton, fresh off of an amazing statistical season– did not have his best game for a number of reasons.

try a few of these on (in no particular order):
the Broncos defense, playcalling, the Broncos defense, dropped balls, the Broncos defense, special teams gaffe, the Broncos defense

But for some reason, we’ve seen more coverage regarding two instances involving Cam (only one of which was related to the game), than we have coverage of:

  • a 1st ballot HoF quarterback, winning his second championship w/a different team
  • a stud outside LB, who was #SB50MVP having an inhuman game, in basically a contract year
  • a HoF quarterback and 2x World Champion, turned team exec who helped guide his former team to its second championship game in three years– winning it this year (2016)
  • think pieces on just how good this Broncos defense was in comparison to other Championship level defenses (i.e. the ’00 Ravens & ’85 Bears)

Any of those or something totally different would be totally acceptable and appreciated. Instead however, we’re talking about the fumble recovery that wasn’t. And the postgame press conference. THREE DAYS LATER!

(this is an apparatus, to climb all the way out of your feelings with)
Sorry, we’re also talking about Cam’s non-apology and of course the faux-outrage over Beyonce’s halftime performance. Which fwiw, was vintage bad ass Beyonce, with a hard to miss political backdrop that even dropped my jaw, having heard the song the day before– that has far too many people armpit deep in their feelings.

Granted, I’ll give you the fumble issue. Mathematically, the Panthers were still in the game at the time of THAT particular fumble. However, if you had watched the game from the beginning until that point, you knew better.

But the presser? Look, ever since Cam has been in the league, he hasn’t exactly been a joy to cover during Panthers losses. So, people honestly expecting him to take losing in the championship game well, are foolish. Pay attention, because here comes the best part.

Am I condoning his getting up and walking away from his responsibility of talking to the press after the biggest game of his life, despite the loss? Nope.

Could he have handled it better? Yup.

Am I as a life long sports fan, interested in hearing your typical canned responses from athletes who just took an “L” after a game? To be frankly honest, not really. I’d prefer to hear their thoughts the next day. You’re more apt to obtaining something worthwhile (but of course I understand, it’s not possible to work that way).

My main thing is, why are we making this a bigger issue than the actual game? Those that are anti-Cam, now have added fuel. Congrats! You never liked him anyway. Those that are opposed to his antics on the field and clever quips when he’s winning, would be far more often than not, mimicking those same things– much like all of the new Carolina Panthers and Cam fans were this season.

The most poignant thing Cam has said since losing in #SB50 is that, he’s a sore loser. Dammit, those are his words. So you (those that choose to criticize him, as though he’s the first person on planet to earth, to not act as you would like them to) all that are riding this man, for unapologetically being himself, I’d love to borrow some of your free time.

The same man that has literally jumped over people for touchdowns…thrown rocket like passes in traffic to WRs who didn’t come out of last offseason as his 1st or 2nd options…FOR WHATEVER REASON goes out of his way to hand footballs to kids in the stands after TD’s…dramatically points after first downs…and dabbed the dab into gross overuse by corporate America…

The minute that man, who admits he loathes defeat, is at his professional lowest and responds in kind– now he’s spoiled. Now he’s a bad guy. Now he’s selfish. Now he’s a boy that needs to man up.

I get it.

Because what’s real. if he would have sat through his presser and sulked through answering all of those questions, there still would have been those that took issue with his posture. His body language. Why he had his hood on. Why he had socks on with sandals.

The only thing I wish he would have done differently, would have been to say, “I really do not feel like talking to anyone right now. So what ever answers you get, that’s all I got right now.”

And that may have appeased a small percentage of detractors. But honestly, even that would not have been good enough for many. Which is why I agree with something else Newton said. “This isn’t a popularity contest, I’m here to win football games.”

Stay candid, Cam.




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