:: bohemians & jacuzzis ::

wild like sockets disturbed by unaware fingers

your mane rests pon your head
like an au natural crown,
as the rest of you is covered laughingly
in less fabric than the mesh wrapped around me
I’ve died for the third time, while thinking of the possibilities
that lie at the root of your womanhood, between those thighs and that seat
attached to that ass
which is bait
to all of whom pass
yet at this moment
is off duty, resting
at the bottom of
this jaccuzzi

bubbles bounce all around me or better yet that of we

as blood boils inside to match the heat of that out,
visions of raised voices
shout through my cognitions,
igniting mental emissions of kissing lips that pout
pucker in flushed anticipation
choking off all conversation from tasting that sweetness
that doesn’t come from your mouth,
making those thick tresses dutty wine all about
as I dive face first pon de river down south,
swimming up stream
against your current conjuring steam
until I sustain most of my urges at the precipice of eve’s seem

my bohemian queen, thou that graces me with your presence

this setting is nothing short of an invitation into your presents… please allow me to, unwrap you in the present

to be cont’d

Copyright ©2012 by J.S. Atkins for Running Likwid Works