Welcome to the inner workings of my mind, kinda. This is the portion of the site that will house my views on any and everything going on right now. Simply stated, it’s a blog, broken down into the four categories seen below.

Social commentary, interviews, rants and anything that just needs to be said. A different perspective, is what I offer. No false prophet/love guru claims. When I’m not saving the world,, I watch a lot of sports. My created playlists, the occasional music review and the like.

DISCLAIMER:  I have a pretty foul mouth on occasion. And even though I try my best not to be too over the top…I do let’em fly every now and then.

With this being my site, I will state the obvious this one time and say, my views are mine. In other words unless otherwise stated in an individual article, I am speaking on behalf of me. Not my job, not my family, not any political affiliation, nor religion.

To put it a touch more simply. In the words of the great American philosopher Shawnicus Carterus bka Jay-Z:

what you about to witness is my thoughts
Just my thoughts, man — right or wrong
Just what I was feeling at the time
You ever felt like this, vibe with me