Belated Father’s Day Wishes


HAPPY BELATED Father’s Day !!!

To all the birth fathers taking care of their responsibilties, to those men who have stepped in where a poor excuse for a man has fallen short, to men who have adopted, to grandfathers, to uncles, to big brothers…, to any and all positive male influences and role models. Happy Father’s Day! People always say, Mother’s Day should be every day. Well the same goes with Father’s Day. And it should be mentioned even moreso, because there are so few men doing what they are supposed to be doing (for a number of reasons, that we won’t go into now).

H A P P Y F A T H E R ‘ S D A Y ! ! !

DADDY’s all over… lift your drills, remotes, razors, hammers, digital cameras, golf clubs, pool cues, darts…, whatever it is that puts a smile on your face in your downtime. Rejoice and enjoy in a job well done.

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