Trade for Alex Smith, Trumpets Redskins Embracing of Mediocrity

In the moment that the Alex Smith to Washington trade was announced last night, the team gave a master class on how not to run an NFL franchise. Something that it has done at an elite level, for the better portion of the last two decades.

Do they know what they have/had in Kirk. Absolutely. Straight-laced guy. Competitor. More than capable. A guy who found a way to manufacture his numbers from the previous two seasons under wunderkind Sean McVay– with a ball of string, a paper clip, half a shoe lace and some chewing gum in 2017.

Not perfect. Not special. But a very good quarterback in a passing league, that is entering his prime. A steal as a former 4th rounder, that the team pooped the bed on signing at a much more palatable price in the past. His prior negotiations with the front office x his being the #1 free agent on the market, guaranteed his exit.

Enter Alex Smith. Though four years older than Kirk, Smith is coming off of the best statistical season of his career w/KC (4,042 yds | 26-5 TD-INT | 104.7 RAT). Albeit with better skill players around him, Smith provides the team a chance to continue to improve in other areas, without taking a noticeable step back at quarterback.

But of course, leave it to the Skins to find a way to turn something that looks like a solid idea on its head.

Adam Schefter would go on to report that the “unidentified player” in the trade was none other than Kendall Fuller. The legacy corner out of VaTech, who in his second season in 2017 graded out as the best slot corner in football. Fuller was also said to have a shot at potentially lining up opposite Josh Norman in 2018.

Before the stroke of midnight it would be confirmed by USA Today’s Mike Jones and Adam Schefter, that it was indeed Fuller, that would complete the trade with Kansas City.

A week ago, it had been mentioned repeatedly that the team was doing it’s due diligence at the Senior Bowl. Focusing heavily on a strong quarterback group, that could lead to their taking one at pick 13 in the first. Or possibly one on day two, to sit for a year behind Colt McCoy or one of the other veteran FA quarterbacks. Opting to instead use franchise QB money (i.e. $23M per, $70M guaranteed) to maintain financial flexibility to re-sign a key guy like Zach Brown. While looking to hit on another starter or two in free agency, like the team did with Swearinger last season.

But if this fan base has learned nothing over the past two decades, it’s that substance is not sexy. Why continue to work to build a better product on the field, when you can throw glitter on mediocrity and dress it in gold pants.

Because even if Alex puts up Kirk numbers, and the secondary is worse, you’re essentially taking a step back. And for what? To make it look like you’re trying?

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