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I have cried
been pissed off
laughed uncontrollably,
been worried to no end
and felt pride unbeknownst to me,
chastized and lectured
tickled and joked endlessly
helped and reassured
protected that which is a part of me,
I am amazed everyday
at the young man that you are,
born into a world of confusion
yet destined to be a star
or at least so I hope,
so I guide but never push
allow you to find your way
but show exits to lifes pending ambush,
my expectations are high
and at times I know I’m hard
my intent is never malicious
and you’ve navigated me well thus far,
you are my promise unfulfilled
reflecting all that I could be
seven years ago on this day

you resurrected all that is good in me

(thank you)



Copyright ©2012 by J.S. Atkins for Running Likwid Works