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What’s Beef: YMCMB vs. GOOD Music

Letttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt’s get ready to rum-bllllllllle!!! Hold that thought, I don’t need Michael Buffer coming after me for a check.

“Uhhh…punks jump up to get beat down… it ain’t nothing but a beat down…?”

Ladies and gentlemen we appear to have ourselves a certified Hip-Hop Beef between two labels.  And it ALMOST, kinda sorta feels like the old days.  Wait, you say it’s not really a beef?  But the internets and the blogs have been yelling this for about two solid weeks.  No… but I thought… oh it’s just Push.  Okay.  And he “allegedly” fired shots at who?  Wayne.  Got it.  Oh… and Drizzy?  I see.  Hmmm…

Yeah so it’s really not a label on label beef.  Sorry… I don’t know what to tell ya.  From what I gather it’s somewhat of a carry over from the Clipse drama that they had with Wayne and Baby from back in the day.  It appears as though Drake may have found himself in Push’s crosshairs as well (on a minor scale).  That dates back to last year with a freestyle he dropped over a Drake track.  But just for sh!ts and giggles, let’s act like there is a label v. label beef between these two outfits.

YMCMB*: Baby, Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drizzy… uhhh, Tyga.. . and ummm, a bunch of dudes that ain’t gonna NEVER see no shine.  Oh and the homie Glasses Malone, who IMO gets no where near the shine and pub he should from that outfit.  I wonder if it’s only a distribution deal to be honest.  Because honestly, he’s a heavy hitter, yet I digress.

GOOD Music*: Ye, Common, 2Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Cyhi and recently Teyana Taylor

* – both squads have lesser known (mainstream-wise) acts… but these would be considered the HITTERS in my book

It’s actually a good thing this isn’t a genuine beef.  Because when I say there is no comparison between these two outfits, there is NONE.  Baby wants to be an artist bad, but dude… c’mon.  For their sake, we’ll drop him off and go with Wayne, Nicki & Drizzy as their top 3 for #TeamYMCMB.  By dropping Baby, I’d like this squad’s chances.  They have star power, record sales and big followings (more like scary #SUPERstans w/Wayne & Nicki)…and contrary to popular belief, actual talent.

For #TeamGOOD, they have a team with flexibility.  You want buzz:  Ye, 2Chainz and Big Sean/Push.  You want bars:  Push, Ye (underestimated still), Common/Cyhi.  Star power:  Ye, 2Chainz and Big Sean/Common.  In a battle… man stop.  Let’s not forget what Com’ did to Drizzy earlier this year, “you ain’t wettin’ nobody n!22a, you Canada Dry.”

Okay this is no longer fun, because it isn’t fair.  WINNER (hypothetically):  #TeamGOOD

The only way #TeamYMCMB would have a chance in this battle, would be if it was in the court of public (mainstream) opinion or record sales.  But off of sheer talent or hell, even the way the teams are led, run, allowed to operate.  Not comparable t’at t’all.  For those individuals who have been under a rock for the past month I leave you with Pusha T’s salvo that started this whole blogosphere created beef.  And Wayne’s immediate reply.  Decide for yourself which is better.


“fuck pusha t and anybody that love him… his head up his ass, ima have to headbutt him” <<< #SUPERstans how do you defend a bs ass line like this?  C’mon Wayne… lol.